Help me decide on my first Chanel!

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  1. I am going to purchase my first Chanel bag, my budget is under $3000. I am considering the PST in black with SH or the French Riviera small flap in black. Any thoughts/recommendations from all you experts!
  2. You can think about easy caviar flap, pre fall2013 mini classic.
  3. Give some thought to the GST it's a fabulous bag - holds a lot still looks classic and comes in several colors . I use mine at least 4 times a week. I had her since last October and she sill looks great - go check out the Thread for GST lovers. Last I checked it was 2900 USD. However if you find yourself In Paris it's 1790 euros (plus the VAT refund)- which translates to about 2300 USD - so significant savings. You can find prices on the international shopping thread.

    Good luck!

  4. 1) Gst classic look value for money
    2) French riviera , resemble classic flap, light weight, love the silver hardware,good seasonal buy
    3) Cc crave, classic with a twist, edgy
  5. I agree GST. Since its a classic or a mini classic flap. The WOC are nice too :smile: I tend to lean with classics because it last forever and maintains value.
  6. Hi, can someone help me.. I m considering should I buy jumbo or a medium flap.. I am using it on a daily basic and I am also going to get a classic caviar black woc.. I need to advice badly because my boss coming bk from uk n she is getting them for me.. Thanks in advance :smile:
  7. If you are using it on a daily basis.. I would get a jumbo. It holds alot more than a m/l.
  8. Thanks ;) I shall text my boss to get a jumbo for me then :smile:
  9. Thanks ashin121 for ur advice, I gotten this jumbo ;)

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  10. beautiful!
  11. You can buy jumbo for daily
  12. :woohoo: beautiful!:tup:
  13. Definitely.. I'm also in the same boat.. and leaning towards a classic... Question for the expert.. how long dose it take for the puffyness deflate?
  14. I'm also contemplating if i have to exchange my new black jumbo classic caviar flap with gold hardware to a silver hardware...should i exchange it or keep it? Which hardware looks better?most of my other non-chanel purses are in gold hardware...but i feel black with gold hardware is more iconic. Cant decide :sad:
  15. I thinks it depends on your style of dress. I am a blue jean kind of gal so my jumbo flap is shw. Just seems a little more casual. I have a black reissue 226 with ghw and I have carried 2 times and that was to an event. Just looks dressier to me. Both are beautiful! Probably not much help:smile: