Help me decide on mini Lady Dior colour

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  1. Currently in London and they showed me 2 pinks. 1 is the classic pink with GHW, which looks really pale in the picture. The other is the seasonal pink with SHW; this had peachy undertones ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461564862.663481.jpg
  2. I prefer the classic pink ( lighter) with gold hardware. The bag looks lovely on you! Good luck deciding.
  3. I prefer the classic with GHW as well. Both look lovely though. Looks great on you!
  4. One question, the SA mentioned that the new GHW is champagne gold, Dior used to do a really yellow gold in the past. I'm new to Dior, does anyone know when the champagne gold came into the picture? Thanks!
  5. I think the peachy pink with silver hardware is a perfect Spring/Summer bag :smile:
  6. I like them both :smile:
    Only you can decide
  7. Pink with GHW makes for a divine combination. I suggest that (I'm assuming it's Rose Poudre).
  8. I will go for the classic. Good luck :smile:
  9. Purseonally (I'm a sucker for puns), I think the classic pink is gorgeous. I have the classic light pink with ghw myself, and I don't regret it one bit. So timeless and classy!
  10. I am a bit different, I would go for SHW :smile:
  11. Regardless of hardware, I prefer the darker pink. The other one is too pale. Looks a bit washed out.
  12. not into peachy pinks
  13. I bought a Dior soft in the classic (pale) pink with champagne coloured hardware from Harrods in April 2013, so this colour hardware has been around for a few years. I was hesitant at first about it, but actually, it is much more versatille than the yellow gold. You can wear it with either silver or gold jewellery / accessories. Same with the paler pink - I feel it goes with more colours than the bolder pink. Enjoy!
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    I went for the peachy pink in the end as the classic pink was too pale on my skin tone. I live in a
    Singapore, hence tend to wear more short sleeves or sleeveless, due to the tropical climate.
    Classic pink was too washed out against my skin tone; but I really love this colour!

    My SO also agreed that since I'm rough with bags and I really wanted a light colour, the darker pink is more suited for my lifestyle.
    Maybe the classic pink in the Promenade pouch for the next purchase!

    Here's a picture in indoors natural light: doesn't look too peachy as compared to trying them on in Selfridges's yellow lights.

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  15. I think its better to pick this color because it is seasonal so it is more special and unique :heart: :graucho::cool: have fun with her :heart: