Help me decide on color for lovely aline satchel


What color of the lovely aline satchel would you buy?

  1. stone

  2. indigo

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  1. Hey ladies,
    I've made a couple of MBMJ purchases before but didn't love em enough to keep them, so technically this is going to be my "first" hopefully permanent purchase. I'm debating between the lovely aline satchel in indigo vs. stone. The stone I like because it's a slightly unique color but I don't like the brass hardware as much. The indigo is probably great for everyday and I like the silver hardware but the color is kinda boring/ordinary. I dunno. Also does anyone own this bag? How do you like it? Is it huge and are the straps long enough to be able to quickly throw it over your shoulder without much struggle? Help! TIA! :confused1:
    mbmj las indigo.jpg mbmj las stone.jpg
  2. If it's between those two...def the stone!
  3. Love the stone!!!!
  4. I'd get the stone for sure!
  5. Stone, hands down.
  6. indigo :smile:
  7. Another vote for indigo. :smile:
  8. stone
  9. Adorable bag & I love the stone - but I guess this would depend on your wardrobe. I have a good amount varying color navy coats that I think Indigo wouldn't exactly match with.
  10. Stone!

    I'm buying the same.
  11. The indigo looks too black to me.. I'd go with stone for a pop of color.
  12. i'm a fan of the stone myself :smile:
  13. No questions, stone! :smile:
  14. When I thought of buying this bag, I was going to get it in stone. It was such a pretty color IRL :nuts: