Help Me Decide on Coach Sig Tote

  1. I originally wanted the black/gunmetal large tote, but after seeing the bronze/brown one that one looks so much prettier! Now I own more clothes that will go with the black, and already bought a black demi bag,and wanted everything to match but the bronze is so nice looking. Errg. I also just got the lips charm with the silver hardware. Also all of my jewerly is silver toned. HELP!!!
    Has anyone seen the NON Patchwork Sig holiday totes yet? Should I just wait for them?
  2. I can't be of much help to you because I'm having the same problem. I even had the black/gunmetal large tote, wristlet, wallet and mini skinny in my cart and ready to checkout, but I just could not decide which one I really wanted. I'm not much of a black bag girl, so I just don't know. Let us know what you decide!
  3. I have the bronze/brown bag and it is gorgeous! But I want the black/gunmetal one too. Haven't seen the non Patchwork Sig holiday tote yet.....maybe that's a good thing!:smile:
  4. I have the black/gunmetal and it is SO pretty. i just love it. BUT if you already have black bags, go for the brown!
  5. See I think that brown bags go okay with something black, but a black bag doesn't match with a brown outfit. If that makes any sense.

    Needless to say, I have the brown/bronze one and it is TO DIE FOR! I think it's much more stunning in real life than the black/gunmetal one. (both are gorgeous, I just have a thing for brown bags)
  6. Look at everyone who carries around LV bags!! Most of them are brown and people use them with clothing of all colors!!
  7. I think you should wait till the non patchwork sig hol. totes come out, cause by the time those come out, these will still be available
  8. I have the brown/bronze color and I just started carrying it yesterday and i LOVEEEE it! It was a hard decision for me too- most of my clothes would go better w/ a black bag- but i already have 3 black coaches and i wanted to try something new. now that ive used it i totally agree that you can (and i will) wear the brown w/ any color. who cares? its just your bag- not like you have mismatched pants and a top. Go for the BROWN!
  9. How about some modeling pics? I would love to see both the brown/bronze and black/gunmetal being modeled.
  10. what colors will the non-patchwork signature holiday totes be?
  11. I'd say definitely go for the chocolate/bronze....this is such a stunnig combo. Since you already have a black bag, you def. need a brown one! I think it pretty much goes w/ anything....except black...
  12. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I am STILL so undecided. The Brown/Bronze really caught my eye, but I originally went to look at the black as it is so much more me. I dislike Gold Hardware, but that bronze color is really different, OMG someone should just KICK ME. Do you think these will still be in the stores when the new Holiday collection comes out? I would hate to wait and miss out totally altogether. :hysteric:
  13. last year, i really wanted something in black/ gunmetal but was undecided as to what
    and i ended up waiting too long -- everything was taken off the website
    and only then could i decided what i regretted not getting the most
    it all worked out because i ended up ordering from jax
    and this year, when the black/ gunmetal came out again, i bought the other pieces that i had wanted

    so maybe if you wait long enough, the pressure/ regret will aid you in your decision