Help Me Decide on Cabby Color

  1. I was in the store and felt the black Cabby was more worn in. I am not sure if its that bag I was looking at or if the black trim they use is just that way. I did love the hardware on the black though.

    I love the contrast of the vachetta and the blue denim, but I could use a black bag more. But the blue goes with everything. But the black is kinda flimsy...I just cant decide, and I am making myself nuts :nuts: I just dont like an unstructured bag like a Balenciaga and that is what the black reminded me of.

    I am looking at the MM size not the bigger one...I need to make up my mind fast cause the black could be gone soon (or may even be gone now)

    HELP :confused1:
  2. I love the black more unique
  3. i got the black one last month and I love the way it looks! Its definitely so unique!!
  4. wellll......I have both...In mm size....I find the black is easier to match with in all honesty....I wear it alot where I have barely worn the blue.
  5. I love both colors... but leaning towards black.
  6. I don't own this bag but I love the way the blue looks with the vachetta. But as Jill said the black will be easier to match.
  7. I love both but I'd get the blue denim!
  8. I have the black and love it but if I hadn't already had the Blue Baggy I woulda got the Blue Neo Cabby!
  9. i have the black cabby and i think its a lot better. you won't have to worry about dirty vachetta and of course black is easier to match with in terms of clothes.
  10. I just ordered the Black Cabby. For me it was a no brainer since I already own various shades of Blue bags.
  11. i like the blue better.
  12. i vote for black. I hope to get in sept.
  13. Oh gosh - as I was reading the replies, I was thinking, oh definately the blue, but now I'm just as confused as you!

    Is it realistic for you to do both?? :graucho:
  14. I would definitely get the BLACK.
  15. i LOVE Blue