Help me decide on an agenda!

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  1. I will buy my first LV piece now in october, an insolite wallet with the white multicolored logo version with bubblegum pink leather as the inside.

    In november or december I will buy an agenda, but I dont know what to do, if I get the pm agenda that matches the wallet or the mm agenda with the tradional logo in brown leather. the mm in brown leather is only 60 euros more than the one that matches the wallet, and they dont have the white multicolered logo version in the mm size.

    I use agendas, but mostly to write more simple things, like doctors appointments, birthdays, reminders to write cards for someones birthday, and when I am studying (which I plan to do again next year) I just write the homework I need to do or test dates.

    I didnt get to see the agendas in person, but on youtube I saw many reviews of people regretting having gotten the pm instead of the mm and that made me consider getting the mm, even not being in the print i want, but I am SO torn!

    I guess I just wanted to hear from people that have the pm and tell me if you wish you had gotten the mm instead? I like the fact the pm will most likely fit most of my handbags, but if it is TOO small, I dont want to waste money on something I wouldnt be using a lot.

    can anyone give me the dimensions of either of those agendas in centimeters, if possible?

    thank you, and sorry for such a long text.
  2. I have the pm in mono and am glad i got the pm size. I originally thought i would prefer the mm, but since my intention was to have an agenda i could carry in my purse everyday, the mm was really too big. The mm would have been nice just to have more space for writing, but for me, the portability factor trumped page size.
  3. This is my PM. I was taking pics of a refill I found to post on the agenda club thread. For small notes, this size is sufficient. Anything bigger would be too big, I think.
    image-2150785235.jpg image-2955135448.jpg image-3051978102.jpg
  4. Will you be carrying it in your bag ( if so what size bag) or leaving it at your desk?
  5. carrying in my bags. the size depends, really. but I plan on buying a 15" satchel from the cambridge satchel company for school and most likely would be carrying it on the satchel most of the time. but when not on school I would transfer my wallet and agenda to smaller bags
  6. Thank you so much for posting pictures! And for mentioning the agenda club thread, I just found it and will spend some time looking at it! thanks, really!
  7. and you can still fit what you want/need on the daily space?
  8. I have the PM size and IMO its way to small therefore l need to carry an additional diary with me. This is why l will be upgrading to the MM size in December for Christmas - better to carry around 1 larger diary than 2 smaller ones :smile: Depends how busy your life is, l have 3 kids and need to keep track of a lot of things with their lives as well as mine
  9. Yes. It just depends on how much you have to write down for each day.
  10. I love the size of the MM in terms of space, but it seemed too big to me to carry around. Plus I use my Odeon PM a lot and it wouldn't have even fit in there.
  11. thank you for your input! i do like the pm better, and I really wish they made that print for the mm size, but as they dont, i guess i will listen to my pratical side for a change and get the mm. I can always get a pm in the future as well, if i think the mm would be too big for some of my bags (it certainly wont be too big for the one i will carry it around the most). I will get an mm for my mother as well, she is a lawyer and is always with her agenda in her hands checking things and the pm would certainly be too small for her.

    thank you again
  12. I had the PM size and found it way too small to be useful!
  13. I carry an MM with me everyday. I don't carry tiny bags so it's NEVER been an issue for me. I could never imagine using a PM size.

    I like to have space to write without having to shrink my handwriting and thus chancing mis-reading appointment times.
  14. I never understand why people say there isn't enough room in the PM when you can get refills that are a page a day for them. It's an entire page for each day. Unless you are a student writing down homework assignments or something - I find a whole page is plenty of room without having to write small.
  15. Are these LV refills?