help me decide on a wallet...

  1. I know i want a pochette monnaie wallet but just cant decide between a mandarin or the red in the groom collection. Im not even sure if the mandarin is still available in paris, does anyone know? i thought that paris wouldn't have some discontinued lines but my aunt just got a fushia denim the otherday -- is it discontinued already?
    so, groom or mandarin epi??
  2. i prefer the Groom wallet, only because i don't like the Epi line in Mandarin :blah:. is Mandarin the only color you're considering? how about the black or Myrtille?
  3. Definitely the Red Groom wallet, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee mine to death, the red lining is just TDF!!!!
  4. Hmmm.. I love red in Groom..
  5. I vote for the Groom Red. I ordered it from ELux and is en route. Not only it's limited, but functional, matches everythng, extremelly fun and the red lining is TDF! Pure luxury at its finest.....
  6. Red Grom too
  7. red groom
  8. groom for sure. as u can read my signature :smile:
  9. Red Groom!
  10. I agree Red Groom...I purchased mine today:P
  11. Groom too.:rolleyes:
  12. I agree, I love Groom too.
  13. Defenitely, RED GROOM :heart: :graucho: :wlae:
  14. Okay, will be getting red groom.... thanks gals....
  15. Red groom.