Help me decide on a wallet? & stuck zipper help, please?

  1. Hello all you lovely ladies and gentlemen!

    I'm shopping around for a wallet from LV, but am having a really hard time deciding which one to get. I would love a white one as I think it looks super elegant and classy. Due to the limited choices, however, it seems my current options would be either the Vernis (Zippy) and the Empreinte (Curieuse). I want a slight golden tint (which V has but E lacks), but I don't really like patent leather. I love the security of a zipper and the organization of the Zippy, but I'm scared the zipper may eventually become "stuck". I think the Curieuse is much more elegant looking than the Zippy and am in love with the removable pouch thing, but it looks plain/empty inside in comparison to the Zippy. Seriously, I can go on and on. Also, I can't seem to find a brand new, NON display Curieuse in white anywhere. I've been going to SCP every couple of days to check if they got a new shipment of it for a month now, but no luck. If anyone finds one, please let me know!

    A few SAs told me that there's a high likelihood of color transfer for white wallets in the Vernis and Empreinte. Anyone own a white colored one want to tell me about their experiences? I'm also a bit worried about the durability of these wallets. Obviously they won't be as durable as the Monogram Canvas ones, but how long can I expect it to last if I use (and possibly abuse) it every day? As much as I'd LOVE a white one, I may end up settling for something that *lasts* me a good while.

    Moving on to the stuck zipper... My Tivoli's zipper keeps getting stuck at the beginning. :cry: I've had it for a few years, but barely use and usually leave it unzipped when I do use it. It unzips without any problems but lately it requires a *lot* of effort to get it zipped at the beginning. After the beginning part it'll finish zipping just fine... Does LV do zipper replacements or something to fix this? Does anyone else have a problem with stuck zippers? I'm really hesitant to get anything else from LV with a zipper because of this.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Blahhh, I hate to be bumping this but I think I held off for long enough? x)
  3. For the wallet I would probably go for the Vernis because even with a white colour I think it would get less marks and stains on than the empreinte leather.

    I personally prefer the Sarah style rather than the Zippy but that's just my personal opinion.

    For you zip I would try bringing it in to the store and they can either fix it for you or kind of "oil" it.
  4. Yes, my Tivoli has zipper problems and I need to take it in to the store. It is very frustrating to me! Is yours the GM or the PM?
    Mine...the GM...i usually leave mine unzipped too except when I am traveling I like to zip it.
  5. Thanks for the tip, Emmy! I really like both the Sarah and the Zippy, but for some reason I think the Zippy looks better in Vernis. Just out of curiosity, how does the Vernis hold up against rain/water?

    My Tivoli is a PM, Kiwi (: I love it's size and shape (it's like a cuter Speedy imo), but I've always wondered if I'd feel differently had I gone for the GM. Would LV fix (or at least attempt to fix) the zipper if we were to take it in?
  6. Vernis is absolutely fine in the rain you can just wipe it off the leather no problem. I've had my Alma almost soaked and no damage at all.

    I once got a scarf stuck in the zipper of my bag and they fixed that for me no problem, this was actually even on holiday in Milan so not my usual store at all and the staff were quite happy to help.