Help me decide on a wallet please!

Oct 10, 2010
i purchased a red (pomme) vernis wallet just before the price increase. But i returned it. The smell was little bit strong in the wallet but i don't think that will be the case with every wallet. Maybe just the one piece i ordered might have had it. The fingerprints doesn't show in this color as much as in other vernis but every time i touched, it kind of gave a coating on the wallet to which i am very sensitive (but it goes away if you wipe it). But i would not say it will bother everyone.

So if your dilemma is between zippy pomme and mono, then my suggestion is go with mono as it is classy on people. My colleague carries the mono zippy and it looks so nice and so chic. I don’t think you have to baby it as vernis zippy. Also incase you are open to other zippy’s, then check the zippy in multicolor with rose interior. It looks gorgeous.

But after all these things said, get whichever style makes u happy.


Jun 17, 2008
i have a mono sarah which i love to pieces - it was a christmas gift from my husband. i'm thinking about adding a vernis zippy wallet to my collection though because i'm dying for something in pomme and the red vernis is just stunning! so, if you can i say get the vernis zippy in pomme.


Mar 10, 2007
The only wallet I have is the mono Helene. I chose it because it fits all my bags including my Eva and epi pochette.
If I get another wallet it will be the Alexandra because it's not that big yet it holds 13 credit cards.
I have decided to stick with canvas wallets mainly because wallets tend to take a beating from coins and being tossed around in a bag and I think the canvas would hold up better than vernis.
Love my Helene, highly recommended if you need a small wallet for small bags. There's a place for everything and you don't have to fold paper money and stuff it in like in the coin purses.


Jan 11, 2008
I love the zippy in Pomme - and am thinking of purchasing it for myself! The fingerprints aren't that noticeable on pomme. The only thing that worries me is that it might get scratched rolling around in the inside of my bag!


Dec 29, 2007
I recently bought the pomme zippy and love it! I love taking my wallet out of my bag. I have gotten so many compliments on it already! Fingerprints aren't that noticeable and they don't bother me.