Help me decide on a wallet please...

  1. Hi LV experts! First time posting in the LV sub-forum. :smile:

    I've been using my monogram mini Porte Tresor International for the past two years. I really like the fuctionality of a full sized wallets, thus all my LV wallets have been the Porte Tresor style. It's time for a change!

    I've narrowed my choices down to either a Damier Koala wallet and or a Zippy organizer in red epi leather.

    I really like the idea of having a zipper to contain everything within the wallet and not have receipts and things sticking out or falling out from the ends of the wallet. That's the reason behind my choice of the zippy organizer. Plus, it's a full size.

    The Koala in damier, well, I just love the red interior! However, i'm worried that it's not roomy enough for my receipts and papers.

    I've been waffling back and forth between the two. Should I go for the function= zippy organizer in red epi leather or the looks= Koala in damier? TIA
  2. red epi zippy :yes:
  3. i'm going with the RED EPI ZIPPY!!!
  4. The koala holds alot - here are some photos i took for another PF'er:
    Receipts go in here, slot across from the ID area:
  5. If you are looking for something a little different than the style you usually carry, I wouldn't do a Zippy. It's basically the same size as the PTI - just a different interior layout.

    Why not try a Wallet with ID Papers Holder (I think eLuxury is calling it a Wallet Organizer now)? It is even roomier than the Koala and holds a ridiculous amount of stuff. I love mine and would be glad to take photos for you.
  6. ehhh, the koala seems way too small for me. i pick the epi zippy.
  7. I posted a thread a week or so back about the zippy organizer and did not get much response. Glad to see someone who owns this wallet and likes it. I am waiting on its arrival. My concern is whether or not it gets too big and bulky for your handbag?
  8. i have a zippy and it's the best thing i've ever bought! it even fits in my speedy 25. i don't think it's big or bulky at all. sorry i missed your post.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses!

    killerlife, do you have pics of your zippy with your things in it?

    *jazzybelle*, does the wallet organizer come in damier or epi leather? I didn't see it on elux. in anything else but mono.

    Livingluxuriously, thanks for the pics! Very nice wallet!
  10. i don't but i promise you it looks just like this! also, i was going to suggest that if you think the organizer is too big, you should look at the zippy wallet. it's slightly smaller and accordians, as opposed to, fully opening like organizer, but it was only released in mono and vernis (i think a couple of weeks ago) ;)
  11. where can i find the zippy organizer in red epi? it seems to be sold out - any ideas???
  12. I think zippy is great!