Help me decide on a vernis bag!

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  1. I want to purchase my first LV vernis bag. I would love to get some recommendations from everyone here! I would like something that I could use on a regular basis, but I don't like huge bags, so nothing too big. However, it should be big enough to fit my damier Koala wallet. Any suggestions?

    Suggestions on colors would be great too!
  2. Do you prefer shoulder or handheld bags ?

    Have you ever considered a reade PM in framboise ? I think it's gorgeous !

  3. [​IMG]

    My pick would be the Minna Street. It has a zipper closure and can be worn across your body so that it leaves you hands-free to shop some more! hehe I LOVE this style!

    I have the bedford as well, but for practicality, I would choose the Minna Street...and of course in framboise!
  4. [​IMG]
    The READE is very nice.
  5. I am also considering my first Vernis piece and I have a questions as well...

    for an everyday use of Vernis, is it better to go with light color or dark? I heard Vernis gets discoloration easily?
  6. btw, I am also looking at Reade, I think it's spacious and great for day to day bag.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions!

    For those who chose the Reade, do you think it is a problem that it has an open top?
  8. Definitely :nuts:
  9. I think that's a matter of personal preference :biggrin: I just received my silver Reade from eBay last week, and I didn't mind that it's an open-top bag. I keep most of my bags unzipped/unbuckled throughout the day, just to have easy access.

    I tried fitting my things into the Reade (wallet, agenda, compact, brush, etc), and I had plenty of room to spare, despite its small size. I think if you're not looking for something too big, it's a good choice for a Vernis bag. It's very cute! :love:
  10. If you want to use a vernis piece often, I would suggest a darker colour. The light colours do discolour easily plus it's permanent, so there's no going back !! It's such a shame as some of the lighter colours are gorgeous, I particularly like the perle but it'd probably be like black with regular usage !!
  11. I like this one so much...
    and also this one...but it's very small.
  12. Oh right, I love the shape of the roxbury drive too, it's so cute !
  13. I LOVE the Lexington, but I guess it's not really a bag but a pochette/clutch.
  14. If I were to get a Vernis bag, I'd go with the houston. I love the size and the handles. A pochette would be a good smaller sized one.

  15. Yes, the vernis lexington is a pretty bag - however, out of all the LV pochette styles (mono, damier, multicolore, epi, etc...), the vernis lexington is the smallest and the most restrictive in terms of capacity.