help me decide on a summer bag

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  1. Hi girls,

    I am trying to decide between the bags (print will be admire azur):

    - speedy b 35
    - delightful MM
    - calvi

    what do you think; what would you choose and why? Thanks!
  2. Delighful or an Artsy! I Personally always end up carrying extra stuff around during the summer. Like a cardigan just in case it gets a bit chilly, water bottle, sunglasses, flipflops... or even a towel for the swimming pool or beach or something. So a big open tote style bag that isn't too structured would be very convenient for that. Just jam it all in there and go. But that being said, everyone obviously has different bag needs. So you really should be thinking about what you would like to use it for and pick the bag that fits those needs best. Good luck with making your decision!
  3. New bags releasing in April or late this month. Wait to see what comes out I think.
  4. For this I vote with the Delightful..good luck to decide
  5. Thanks ladies!
    I dont really likr the new styles that are coming out so i think i will choose one of the listed; probably delightful with pink lining; i am a bit concered about the beige lining since i dont really baby my bags
  6. I think Delightful is the perfect choice. It's a lovely, minimalist design that's chic and timeless.
  7. Oh is a good choice;)
  8. My vote goes to Calvi.
  9. Love the relaxed look of Artsy but let if you don't have a Speedy maybe consider that since it is such a classic piece. Good luck deciding and please share once you do. (: happy spring!!!!
  10. delightful!
  11. i like a bag with a bit of structure, Calvi gets my vote.
  12. speedy is my fav, so versatile but so classic!
  13. Ooooh Delightful!
  14. If the calvi has feet, I'd say calvi. If not, speedy b. Speedy b is so versatile. I have it in the 35 and it can get heavy if loaded up so I'd suggest looking at the 30 too, just to be sure on size.