Help me decide on a speedy!

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  1. Thinking of checking out the Speedy 30 w/strap this afternoon...but I can't decide on a pattern! Some thoughts I have considered:
    *the leather trim on the sides of the monogram are a wonderful contrast.
    *the ebene is durable/easy to keep clean
    *Azur is gorgeous for summer and winter.
    *I already have a monogram tote
    *Worried about ebene cracking (handles) or looking too formal (and not very summery)
    *Nervous about keeping Azur clean (denim and dark coat, I have a 3 yo toddler to haul around)

    Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I have all 3.
    Monogram - I feel that it is my favorite at the moment. I use it winter and summer but as long as it's not snowing or raining. The Patina is getting to the point where I will be able to wear it in all weather occasions.
    Azur - I only use it in summer and don't know why as I used to use my Totally azur in winter. This is my least used but I love the print.
    Ebene - I only us this bag in the summer and winter if its snowing or raining or unless I find it matches an outfit better than the monogram. Agree I don't find it summery. I do find it dressier than monogram. I haven't had any troubles with handles cracking.
    Have I totally confused you?? Ha
    If I could only have one Speedy B it would be Monogram.
  3. I'm leaning towards the monogram!
  4. I'm having the same thoughts today! I almost bought a speedy b 25 yesterday but didn't like the 2 that were in the store so they are ordering a new one for me. Today I am still thinking about the DE as it's so carefree. Too many choices
  5. Monogrammed is my next bag also, there are too many people carry damier prints nowadays
  6. I ADORE the Speedy B in all prints. However, if I had to choose just one, I think I'd choose the mono. It's a gorgeous bag, especially when the patina becomes a honey color. Absolutely gorgeous. I have a mono 25 and it's still much lighter, I can't wait for mine to patina more.
  7. I went ahead with my gut feeling and bought the mono 30! They had an older one in stock (still new), that was slightly darker than the brand new shipment, so I opted for that! Might as well get a head start on that gorgeous patina!
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  8. Great choice! Congratulations on your new bag! :biggrin:
  9. congrats I love my speedy b!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats! I chose the mono for myself as well because I think it will be so beautiful with patina and look just like a mini Keepall luggage.

    I am lusting after a DE now because I love the size and would love one to use in the rain!
  12. Congratulations!! How exciting and what an excellent choice! I just bought the speedy b 25 in ebene and can't wait to start wearing it. I have neverfull in mono and azur so 'needed' to complete the prints in my collection
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  13. Congrats, the monogram is such a classic :smile:
  14. Congrats! Was in the same boat as you a few months ago, but the monogram is such a classic. When I was younger, my mom carried her monogram 35 everywhere which inspired me to pull the trigger on a 30 :smile: