Help me decide on a Speedy or

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  1. I need some help on making a decision on which Speedy to get. Until recently I never thought about any of the Speedys. I have been more interested in smaller crossbody bags like the Eva and the Pochette Metis.
    Should I get a Speedy 25 in Monogram or a Speedy 30 in Monogram? A friend suggested the Speedy 25 Monogram because it’s smaller and iconic.

    I will be getting a Speedy B 30 DE on Monday. Shipped from Hawaii. Haven’t “tried” on any of the Speedys.

    Or should I get a GM Neverful in Monogram? Trying for something different than what I usually buy.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Of those, my favorite is the Speedy B 30. The 25 is too small in my opinion. I have the Neverfull in GM, but it's not a daily bag. I only use it for travel.
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    I totally agree with KimTX. I just sold my speedy b 25 DE. The opening was just too small. I tried to make it work but realized 30 was a better size. I only use my neverfull for travel. It’s a big bag even when cinched.
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  4. I have a speedy 25 b in DE! I'm quite short and petite so 25 fits my frame perfectly. Plus, I don't bring alot of things with me when I head out with my bag. The speedy sags a bit if you don't stuff it full enough tho. I don't own a neverfull cause I don't care for tote bags. But they are popular as. Far out, everyone's grandma, mum, aunty, and daughter has one.

    So it depends on what you like, do you like cross body bags or tote bags? Or get both ;)
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  5. I think 30 is the perfect size. 25 is a tad small, unless you have a very petite frame. Also, the opening for 25 is very small which would bother me.

    Most of the limited edition speedys all come in size 30 which goes to show how popular and iconic this size is. I do hope you will like your bag when it arrives from Hawaii. I don't think you can ever go wrong buying a speedy. So enjoy!!!:smile::smile::smile:
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  6. I like crossbodys. The Eva, Pochette Metis, and Siena I use as crossbody. But I do have some Longchamp totes.
    Never thought I would want a Speedy until recently and now I’m thinking about 2. I have the Speedy B 30 on its way.

    As for the Neverful, that was off my radar because it is everywhere. But then I started to think do I want a LV tote?
    So thank you for your help!
    Oh, I’m 5’5” and medium built.
  7. I have a Burberry bag and don’t use it much because of the small zippered opening. So maybe good reason to skip the Speedy 25.
    Does seem the Speedy 30 is very popular.
    Thank you!
  8. I think you need to decide what style works for you best. While you may want to get something different then you usual style think about why you like certain bags and what features they have that work for you. Both the speedy and Neverfull are great bags.

    I have had a few Speedy bags in size 30, 35 and 40. They will las forever. I liked them all but now only have a size 40 because I wanted a big bag. I also had a Neverfull in MM and GM size, the GM is huge and I feel the MM is perfect for a everyday bag. The The Neverfull is not really comfortable over the shoulder when heavy, or against bare skin. Also it will not work as a shoulder bag with heavy clothing or coats so then you have to carry it in your arm or hand. Both bags are lightweight. Both are beautiful.

    Can you try on these styles at a store to see what you prefer? It is better to find out how a bag looks and feels to hold in person before you buy if possible. Good luck.
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  9. I have both 25 and 30...I rarely use the 25 because it's just too darn small and the opening really is too small (for me). Also, I find that the Speedy B is more convenient that the regular Speedy because of the strap. I find carrying it with the 2 handles can be cumbersome so I prefer having the other strap option.
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  10. So far, the Neverful iis hard to find in stock at my local LV boutique. It would be good to try them out so I could decide. I’ve read the Neverful handles aren’t very comfortable, maybe that’s one of the reasons I never thought to check them out.
    Will check to see if the LV boutique gets any in this week.
    Thank you!
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  12. I say enjoy the Speedy you ordered when it comes, see how you like the style and size, if you use the strap. Then you'll know if you want another Speedy and which version.
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  13. Good advice thank you. I should get it Monday!
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  14. Got my Speedy B 30 DE today and I think this size is perfect for me. The Speedy 25 would seem small.
    Thank y’all for your help!

    I do have a question about the leather straps on the sides of the Speedy- Is it normal for the leather to be “cracked” like spidery lines going across? Bottom part is smooth but the upper part isn’t.
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  15. I started with the Speedy B 30 and then added the Speedy B 25, both in DE and Mono. I carry the Speedy 25 in DE the most by far. It's a great size, it doesn't sag, it holds a full size wallet, a Mini Pochette, a Cosmetic Pouch, keys, sunglasses and a plus size phone. That's quite a lot and I have no trouble with it. While I don't carry the 30s near as much, I keep them in case I need them; the 25 is just a fantastic size to me but everyone is different.
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