Help me decide on a Sabrina Sister please!

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  1. My wonderful DH has decided that, since I had surgery Friday, instead of sending flowers, he'd buy me a new Sabrina to add to my collection:yahoo:. And technically, I sold my mom a couple of bags this week so I have room for a new one, LOL!

    I'm trying to decide between the graphite and cobalt patent Sabrinas. I know I definitely want a patent one, but I can't choose a color. I'd choose the cobalt, only I have the small/medium plum patent and I wonder how close they are in color. And my only black/gray bag is the black/gunmetal sig. stripe tote from a few years back. So I'm leaning towards the graphite, but that blue is just SO beautiful.

    What would you do?

    As a side Sabrina collection includes a small magenta, a large teal, a small violet spectator, and a small plum patent. I'm definitely getting the small in whichever color I choose.
  2. Since you already have the plum and the cobalt is in that color family I would say the graphite.....besides the graphite is spectacular! And neutral to boot.
  3. graphite for sure!
  4. Graphite. It is gorgeous.
  5. My bf's sister got the graphite and it is divine! The blue is gorgeous, but the graphite has this very sophisticated yet subtle appeal. I say graphite :smile:
  6. I have the graphite and she is SO PRETTY that would be my pick!
  7. Definitely graphite
  8. I would buy the Graphite Sabrina.
  9. I'm gonna be different and say cobalt! :biggrin:
  10. Graphite, especially since you already have the plum. Don't get me wrong, they are both beautiful, but the graphite is so much more versatile.
  11. Looks to me like graphite was already the winner, even before I cast my vote for...

    GRAPHITE patent!!!
  12. I agree - love the graphite!!
  13. ....Another vote for the Graphite. It's a great neutral color!

    (I only wish they'd made this one w/ the chain strap though~that's my favorite part about the patent Sabrinas)
  14. Graphite because I think the cobalt would be too similar to the plum that you already have... JMHO... G/L!
  15. Graphite Sabrina is gorgeous and versatile. Also check out the black multi op art Sabrina on Coach's Japan site. It is not in the satin fabric, rather the more durable fabric is also very beautiful, and comes in the small/med. size. Plus, that would be unique. JAX can ship that one in the U.S.