Help me decide on a Ramona....please!

  1. I want to buy a Ramona and do not know which one to buy. I'm torn between the black patent or one of the drummed leather. What do you think?
  2. I would buy the navy or mink in the drummed leather. I saw both a couple of weeks ago and can't get them out of my head. I love the thick bubbly leather and it seems like it would hold up beautifully. The black patent is also very nice, but the display bag was covered in finger prints which would drive me nuts. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I agree with valerieb, look into the drummed leather or the biker leather styles. The biker leather has watersnake trim.
  4. ^^i didnt like the drummed or biker leather looks i guess...i saw them and found it too pebbly?
    but its all personal preference...i loved the red leather as well as the black patent =)
  5. I vote for drummed leather. It is the newest option and will show the least wear. I'm afraid the patent will look dated by next year...
  6. Personally, I like patent in small doses. So, aside from the elephant allusions and stinkerbelles high flying circus act :p I think the drummed leather is very nice looking. :tup:
  7. Oh, I do like the Navy drummed leather quite a's actually grown on me. :shame:

    It looks to me that it would be about the lowest maintenance leather out there!
  8. I love the Drummed Leather, It is soo soft!
  9. Drummed leather:tup:
  10. I would recommend the patent leather Ramona normally, but the release of the Ramona's in patent leather this year is different from the ones they released a year and a half ago. I purchased the "Wet Look Patent" leather and it is a much softer and more "crinkled leather" than the ones this year. So you are right the finger prints will show up and the bag won't look as pretty, so I vote for Drummed:yes:
  11. Yep - the drummed leather is really nice in real life.
  12. drummed leather. Seeing it in real life today, it is fabulous!! You will not regret it.
  13. I got the biker leather for Christmas and I'm still head over heels for it!
  14. ^Hands down the biker leather is my favorite too! :tup:
  15. Count me in on another Biker leather lover!