HELP! Me Decide On A Paddington

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  1. Hi Gals!

    Can you please give me your advice on which bag I should keep? Orginally I ordered a Chloe Paddington Satchel with Strap in Muscade, but was sent the wrong color.:cursing: They sent me Gazelle instead. So when I called to tell them about the mistake, the saleswoman was telling me about the mastic, so I had her send that one as well . :sweatdrop: Low and behold, I now have three Paddington's with straps and can't decide on which color now that I've seen them all. I have to send at least one back,:crybaby: but was considering keeping two. I posted a group shot (although the muscade didn't come out real well) and then individual photos of each. HELP ME CHOOSE!!!:confused1: Thanks in advance!
    Group1.jpg Muscade1.jpg Gazelle1.jpg mastic1.jpg
  2. Muscade :yes:
  3. If you would keep two, I would suggest muscade and mastic.
    But you can buy another paddy in different design though.
    I think the paddy in white shade is the most gorgeous one,
    ha I might biased:p since i have blanc, choco and cognac.

    anyways, muscade and mastic are my choice.

    btw,the bags you got, the leather is smooth in pics, are they smooth IRL too?
    I would pick pebbly leather. JMO
  4. I'm not sure which colour muscade is sorry! Out of the three I'd probably keep the darker tan coloured one but it really is down to your preference and which looks better with your style/clothing! have fun chossing - must be great to be able to have them lined up in front of you!
  5. Phoebe_0526- They were my choice in color as well, but my mom kept saying the muscade is such a winter color. The pictures don't do them justice though. I have a crappy camera. All the bags are pebbly, even the mastic. But you are right, it doesn't look that way in the photo. Thanks for your input!!!!

  6. i know, i'm in lovvvveeeee:heart: !!!

  7. I like the white one :smile: not sure what the official color name is :smile:
  8. first - deep brown one
  9. number one and three
  10. I'd send back the gazelle.
  11. Muscade - for practicality .
  12. Keep Mastic and muscade
  13. Thanks, Girls! It only proves to go with my gut! That was my thinking all along!
  14. Agree!!

    Why Don't you post in the Chloe forum??
  15. do NOT let go of the muscade!