Help Me Decide On A Nimbus PLZ!!

  1. Hi Everyone! I need some input from all you knowledgable LV people. I really want a piece from the Olympe line and decided it should be a Nimbus (because I don't want double straps). So, I saw the Pearle Grey in pics and it is gorgeous- I thought I wanted beige but don't want to have to be EXTRA careful on a light colored bag. Anyhow, I really need to hear some stories about this bag or color from people who have it. I think I want the GM b/c the PM looks too small for me. I just bought the Neo Cabby GM in black and looooove it! I have a feeling that the Nimbus GM looks bigger and I hope it is not. Eluxury says the measurements are 19.7"x 13.8"x 4.3". That seems friggin huge- even though it's a hobo shaped slouch bag. Big bags don't freak me out, but that seems awfully big. Is this bag heavy or medium weight? Any reports of color transfer with Pearle Grey? Thanks bunches! I was so close to buying it just a moment ago but thought better to come here and get some advice. Everyone here is amazing and thanks in advance :tup:
  2. Is the 19" measured outside corner to corner or is that how wide it is? thanks.
  3. First off, I don' own a nimbus but I think they are gorgeous. My vote would be for the anthracite in either PM or GM depending on what you like. I thought I was going to like the pearle better until I saw both irl and for me there was just no question. Grey is a big color for fall and with the darker color there is certainly less to worry about with color transfer.

    As for size... I personally don't like the drop of the GM on me and think the size of the PM is just a tad too small. A MM would be the ideal solution for me although I'm still debating the PM as I think it's just smaller than the bags I have been carrying lately so I'm not used to it, kwim.

    I think they are definitely light weight bags depending on what you carry with you but I am used to heavy bags like the chloe paddington (which I don't even find all that heavy in the first place but that's me).

    Just my opinion and definetly post pics once you decide.
  4. Well i just got the Charcoal grey colour Nimbus PM and that seems a good size for me i'm 5"7 and it looks way better on me then the GM , The PM fits my 2 phones , Chunky make-up bag , scarf, Pochette wallet & Cles but i did try on the Nimbus GM and it looked like a sleeping bag on me! (NO offence to anyone who has it , It's gorgous!) But for me WAY to big looking i adore big bags but i suppose it's a bag you really need to try on to see if it looks right on you but yea it's HUGE. I would say PM if you carry a medium amount of stuff then the PM is for you, GM if you like the big slouchy bag look and of corse if you may need to carry alot! But i suggest you go to the boutique and try both sizes on!
  5. 'As for size... I personally don't like the drop of the GM on me and think the size of the PM is just a tad too small.'

    What do you mean by drop? The way it hangs on your arm or how low it hangs? I definately think the PM will be too small for me. Part of me says to just order it and see. Eluxury has free shipping right now so it wouldn't cost me a dime to look at it. A MM size would be ideal and I know I really want a grey bag. Oh, and for those of you thinking about the black Neo Cabby- get it! I couldn't love it more.
  6. I'd go for the PM or GM in anthracite....I just dealt with a color transfer issue. It's not fun!!
  7. Does anyone have both a PM and GM Nimbus that could post pics? I am about 4-5 hours away from the nearest LV boutique. thanks!
  8. What color bag did you have the transfer problem with?
  9. I have the anthracite Nimbus GM and I totally love it!! I initially waitlisted for the PM size, but found it to be way too small for all the stuff I carry on a daily basis. I was really afraid of the GM at first especially since I saw the beige and ecru from last season and it looked huge!! However, my SA told me to try the GM on and it really looked good on petite me. What encouraged me more was that there were lots of LV fanatics in the store at the time and they actually helped me choose. LOL I modeled the PM and the GM for them and the SAs and they all said to pick the GM. How lucky was that!!!

    The best thing was that I was able to get ALL my stuff in and when I did, the bag did not look ginormous because of the slouch effect. I really love this bag --- it is lightweight and extremely easy to use.

    Good luck!!
  10. Thanks! I really like the look of the Pearle Grey, but all the rage is with Anthracite. My Neo Cabby is black and I guess I want something lighter. The Anthracite looks very dark in pics I have seen. I dunno...I'm gonna take a break and come back. I am getting confused- I know I want one, but starting to feel a lil :nuts:
  11. It depends, before I bought mine I tried both on and the GM was way to big and I am 5"6' so I opted for the PM and it's not really gray. it's like a washed out blue. It's big enough to hold a loooot of stuff. and you won't have have to strugle wth the double staps. I love mine....:heart::heart: The GM is darker in Color.

  12. I posted pics a few weeks back. Here they are again. The first two pics show the Perle PM and GM next to each other. The third pic shows Perle PM, GM and Anthracite PM, GM next to each other. Fourth pic shows Perle PM and how it's comparable to the Tulum PM for size reference.
    LV Nimbus 001.jpg LV Nimbus 003.jpg LV Nimbus 004.jpg LV Nimbus Tulum PM 001.jpg
  13. And here's some modeling pics. Sorry, not the best. I'm 5'4" for reference.

    1st pic: Perle PM
    2nd pic: Perle GM
    3rd pic: Anthracite PM
    LV Nimbus modeling 002.jpg LV Nimbus modeling 006.jpg LV Nimbus modeling 008.jpg
  14. i cant pick a favorite!!!!! :lol: