help me decide on a new purse

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  1. i'm planning to get a new purse. currently have gucci horsebit hobo, LV minilin speedy and chanel m/l classic flap.
    been thinking of getting LV slightly denim or neo cabby in pink..
    i want something i can wear more casually.. originally planned to buy chanel grey camera case as next purse but it looks too "sturdy" and thinking that i already have classic flap, i'll just get the camera case later..
    price is a major deciding point.
    help pls.
  2. love the neo cabby
  3. neo cabby!
  4. neo cabby!
  5. I'd get the Neo Cabby.
  6. neo cabby...:smile:
  7. slightly denim! i have it & i love it!!
  8. Neo cabby in pink!
  9. I like the shape of the neo cabby better.
  10. neo cabby mm.. :love:
  11. I saw some thread mentioned the buckle hurts on the Neo Cabby. So I would say Slight Denim. I'm not a fan of the Denim line.
  12. Neo cabby
  13. neo cabby
  14. Neo Cabby!
  15. i vote neo cabby!