Help me decide on a new purse for my g/f

  1. Hi everybody,

    My girlfriend's birthday is fast approaching. She's a fiend for purses and shoes (shocker, huh?). Anyway, I found a couple of purses I think she might like. I'm trying to stay under $300 so here are two that I've found. Please point me in the right direction if you think there are better bags for that price. One is a Fendi I found on bluefly (

    and the other is the brown and white signature coach tote (everyone knows what that one looks like).

    She owns an 2 LVs, 2 Coach, Via Spiga, and a few others, but those are the ones she wears most. Any help is greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. The Fendi bag is a very cute. Is she into the whole monogram thing? You can try some Hype bags or Francesco Biasia bags as well. Check out smartbargins, you should be able to find something within your price range. Good luck and let us know which one you pick out!
  3. Definitely depends on whether she trends toward signature stuff or not.
    I personally do not like the signature stuff - do you know which bags she has? Are they all signature or something else?
  4. The one she uses most of the time is the small LV that looks like this:

    Her other LV has the same pattern, but looks like a bowling ball bag (sorry, that's the only way I know how to describe it).

    Her Via Spiga is all black. One coach is solid gold and the other is dark brown and light brown with the C's (medium sized purse).

    Sorry I couldnt be more descriptive. Does that help at all?

  5. Hmm. You might try Cole Haan; they have some gorgeous gunmetal bags this season, the quality is fabulous, and some of the prices are over $300 but not by a lot.
  6. Hmmmm...She sounds like a medium size purse gal....... I'm in love with this & if I wasn't on a purse ban I would definitely be buying it myself:smile:

    Kooba on sale @ for 299.00
  7. I'm browsing smart bargain too! If you decide not to go wth a purse, I'd love it if my fiance got me this burberry charm bracelet- It would be something she could wear everyday that she likely already doesn't have a dozen of.
    just a thought, I'll keep looking for purse suggestions though. By the way- lucky girl :smile: My fiance would never help feed my purse addiction! You're a keeper!
  8. And this is a cute little gryson bag on sale @ gryson (in black not white like the pix) for 263 from 525.
  9. OR - you could get her this super fabulous Zip Clutch available in Black @ for 25% off using code fall25 - I don't see it online though, you'd have to call. Regular price is 395 - with discount should be 296.25 free ship. Here's a pix of it just in a diff color.

    [​IMG]borrowed from
  10. Does your gf have the matching wallets for any of her purses? That might be a better idea. They can run to $300 themselves so it would still be a fairly big gift. She has 2 LVs and 2 Coaches so she would get use out of either brand.
    The thing about purses is some of us are so particular, my husband has bought me a few bags but he never gets it right, he buys the right brand, or the right color, or the right shape, but it's never quite the one I want. Make sure you buy one she can return, and make sure you are happy with her returning it!
  11. ^^^ ITA - think a wallet is easier to choose than a purse, that thought came to me as I posted the Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet:smile:
  12. She does have the matching Coach wallet to her signature purse :smile:

    I'm really liking that Francesco Biasia one so far.
  13. Actually I think you might want to consider the Cole Haan Village Bucket Tote in Camel, if I consider her other bags I think she may like this one.
    That Francesco Biasia is nice too but I have heard bad things about the authenticity of bags from Smart Bargains. I'd be a little upset if my husband bought me something from a bargain place as well!
  14. Marc by marc jacobs makes great bags as well - that Fransesco one reminds me of the lovely aline satchel - a little.

    [​IMG]borrowed from Neimans