Help me decide on a new cartier watch!

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Which Cartier watch do you prefer for me?

  1. Stainless mid-size Cartier Tank Francaise

  2. yellow gold/steel 33mm Cartier Ballon Bleu

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I want to buy a new watch and I really need your help as to what looks best on my wrist. I currently have one watch and that's a 36mm rolex- jubilee band, fluted bezel and diamond markers. I wear this watch every day but I want a watch that I can wear for more formal occasions and to switch off with my rolex. I am posting a picture of the rolex for reference….
    So, in the running is a midsize Cartier tank francaise vs a yellow gold/steel 33mm ballon bleu (in the picture it's rose gold because the AD didn't have the two tone).
    I love them both so it really boils down to which looks better on me? Please give me your opinions!!!

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  2. The ballon bleu shape looks really nice on you.
  3. I like the Tank on you! I think it's nice to have some variety in watch face shape since you already have the Rolex. Are you getting the auto or quartz Tank?
  4. I have to tell you to go for the Ballon Bleu I received it a month or so ago and I absolutely adore it!!!! Mine is the BB 36 Automatic and I cant be happier with it!!! It is my first grown-up watch (I am 21)
    I feel so wonderful when I wear it :smile:
  5. I like the Ballon Bleu on you. I prefer it for it's relative elegant strap and design. The tank is good too, but I think it looks more bulky and less streamline.
  6. I'd say go for Cartier BB!!! I have one an just love it. Although for the price of gold, you should get an automatic one! GL
  7. Love the bb on you. It really looks good on you.
  8. I think you should go for the Tank Francaise. You want a watch that has a different look than your Rolex, so the rectangular face TF will be my suggestion. The BB though it´s two-tone still has a similar look because of the round face.
    But I know that the BB has many fans and it is a beautiful watch, I vote for the TF - I have one in the same size and it is so gorgeous...classy and feminine, yet understated, because it´s not all shiny...
  9. I think the Tank looks the nicest on you. Might be because I just bought the same watch.
  10. I voted for Tank, because I love this watch. It's simple and looks great on you.
  11. I like the tank
  12. Ballon Bleu! Much more *Wow* than the Tank! :smile:
  13. It's a difficult choice! But I vote for the BB.
    I'm in a similar position. I have a smaller Rolex (31mm) and would love a Cartier watch.
    The tank is a classic Cartier watch but the BB has a fresh and 'happy' look about it....
    I'm almost tempted to get both watches.....
    But both are lovely!
  14. It's such a difficult choice for me!!!! Thanks so much for everyone's feedback! What do you think of this size BB on me?-it's the 33mm. I tried on the 36 but I felt that was too redundant to my Rolex. At least if I do end up going with the BB, the size is considerably smaller than my chunkier Rolex. It's much for feminine, I think. I've just always loved the Tank though too and I think it may be more classic than the BB. Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you think that the BB is more current or will it phase out like Panther did and Roadster is? I want to be able to hand this down to my daughter someday and I know the Tank is the more classic, timeless style. What do you all think? Just wish I could have them both:pout::crybaby:
  15. The BB has been popular for a long time so I don't think it would phase out anytime soon. It is so beautiful in TT!