Help me decide on a LV bag please!

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  1. Ok all you LV experts. I am in the process of deciding what LV I should get for Xmas. My hubby is asking and I only have 2 months to decide. I LOVE the Speedy 25 and I also love the denim speedy. Does it make more sense to go with the signature one and not a fabric? All you speedy owners - tell me what you love about this bag and is the 30 much bigger than the 25?? Thanks guys. :smile:
  2. You may be better off asking this question in LV sub-forum.:idea:
  3. moving this to LV. . .
  4. I like the monogram Speedy much better. I have a 25 and have a 30 on its way too for when I want to carry more. The denim is cute but I don't think it would wear as well and I think I would grow tired of it. You can't go wrong with a classic speedy in either the monogram or Damier (although I do prefer the monogram, I have the Damier for rainy days too!)
  5. I would go for the regular one, it goes with everything and lasts forever :smile:
    I think there's a lot of difference between the 25 and 30 both space wise and in regard to the body.
  6. I would go with mono too....or maybe damier, more classic and versatile.

    I like the 30 better, but then again, I like bigger bags ;)
  7. go with the 30 it is not that big and the 25 seems really small IMO wish I had went with the 35 or 40 because I do not like small bags....mono canvas is so classic and a great starting point...
  8. i have the Mono Speedy 25 and the blue Denim Neo-Speedy. i love both, and even though i find the Mono Speedy a little common and boring, it would probably make more sense to have that. the Neo-Speedy would also go with everything, since denim is blue anyway, and it's more fun than the Mono, but the canvas on the Monogram is more durable
  9. I'd go with the 30. I have the 35 and 40 and I love them both. I won't go any lower than a 30.
  10. have you considered an epi speedy? They just went down in price and they're leather, which would withstand weather changes. Just a thought....
  11. Mono Speedy's so classic!
  12. yeah the mono speedy is a classic, but I've always loved the denim and regret not ever getting something from that line. I think there is a difference size wise between the 25 and 30. I only have one speedy, a 25, and I love because it's so cute! I usually like big bags but I still have room in it if I just carry the essentials.
  13. Go with the Mono or the epi...
    I'm so nervous to carry around denim bags..What if I spill something on them? That and I feel the leather wears better over time...

  14. :yes: I agree.
  15. Mono 30- no doubt