Help me decide on a key pouch please!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
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    Hi ladies,

    I want a small pouch to put my keys and RFID keycards in. I don't drive, so don't have a car key yet, but I prefer that this pouch should be able to accommodate it when I do in the future.

    I don't like the old-fashion key holder, so I'm looking into either the 'key and change holder' or the 'keys pouch complice'.

    I like the green color inside of the latter one better, but it's almost $100 more expensive. Although the 'key and change holder' seems to hold less.

    I want opinions from people who use these pouches as a key holder. Which one do you think is more practical? I want this key holder to basically prevent keys from scratching my other small and extremely delicate handbag.

    Thank you :smile:
    key change holder.JPG key change holder 2.JPG complice.JPG complice 2.JPG
  2. I like the key and change holder, The Cles, the best! I LOVE the cles, it's perfect for cards, change, bills and keys and I don't find it to big hanging from the steering wheel when my keys are attached to it. I love the cles because if I just need to do a quick errand I can just grab, put a few card/money in it, and go! Hope this helps, good luck with your decision!
  3. Out of the 2 choices I like the 'key pouch complice' more.

    I have a MC cles but I don't use it for keys. I find it too bulky & awkward when I hang my keys on it. Just my personal preference.
  4. cles
  5. After much thought I bought the azur cles yesterday with the help of a very nice SA and I adore it. It's really lovely!
  6. the key pouch complice gets my vote :tup:
  7. I have that exact complice and love it. My keys don't fit on the ring individually, though- I have to put them on a regular keyring and then attach that to the hook.

    I use it as a small wallet, but don't tuck the keys inside- it's the perfect size for a couple of cards, cash, and change and I love it. And when I'm not using it, it sits on a bookshelf being cute.
  8. The complice holds cards a lot better, if you are planning on using it as a small wallet, the upgrade is well worth it. :yes:
  9. Key Pouch Complice for the extra space.
  10. I'm wondering weather to get the Cles or not... Dunno if it fits a guy :s
  11. I have the keys pouch complice and i LOVE it!! i use it as a tiny wallet because i only carry cards and a few bills on me, its perfect! I also just tuck my house key inside it ( i dont drive either) and when im not using it i just drool over how cute it is lol
    Also i love how the zipper goes around the side! it makes for much easier access to everything :biggrin:
  12. Ive seen many men carry them, and even my bf thinks that they're cool lol so im sure you could :smile:
  13. I have the complice keys pouch but they are not exactly keys friendly because they are rather flat... I tried putting in just one key but the pouch gets pretty outta shape.. actually I think the cles is much better for keys and changes while the complice is more for cards. i end up using the complice as card holder. but the complice looks much much better!
  14. Thanks for y'all replies. I'm on vacation and...I just bought one of these pouches! :biggrin: I'll do a reveal on this thread when I get back home! (forgot to bring the usb reader)
  15. I'm back with photos!