help me decide on a first chanel

  1. what do you all recommend for my first chanel? keep in mind im still 15 so i dont want to get the the 1000$ ranges yet :p
  2. Hi there. :smile: Hmm... there are very few Chanels to be found under the $1000 price tag (unfortunately). There is the Cotton Club pochette that costs $995 (you can find pics in the Reference Library), the Cambon Pochette, and the Soft and Chain pochette. I think for a 15 year old, the Cambon pochette is really cute (though the line in general is highly faked, but hey, you'll know that yours is real!), and I really love the chain straps of the Cotton Club pochette as well, so that's a great option! Good luck finding what you want! :smile:
  3. Hi Thats is a tuff question maybe you can save up untill next year and get your dream bag I know you are only 15 so please dont take my suggestion the wrong way or you can get the wallet on a chain not really a bag but so cute for you ??? xxS
  4. A Cotton Club pochette would be a good starter Chanel bag.
  5. hmm thats tough.. if you save a little more you can get the PST?? its a classic and more edgy than the GST IMO
  6. That's a tough one. The small new Rock flap is $1195...

    I think it's going to be next to impossible to find a Chanel for under $1000 after the Sept. price increase.
  7. I agree...I too have been searching for my first Chanel, and I think I have decided on the is one of the least expensive bags, and IMO verrrry cute!!! It will last forever, and always be in'll still be wearing it when you're 25!
  8. ^^^I'm pretty sure the price around here is still $1250, probably around $1375 w/ the tax. Let us know what you decide and include pics!!!
  9. that's a tough one :p
    i didn't think of purchasing a chanel when i was 15 but i do like how the teen vogue magazine sometimes feature teen with small classic chanel bags.
  10. ITA. =)
  11. soft n chain pochette is $950
  12. I'm 15 too and I'm going to London next week and I've planned that I would get my first chanel bag.
    The Soft and Chain pochette seems very nice! :drool:

    By the way..How much the small classic flap cost?
  13. Wow you guys are starting young! I'm only just getting my first Chanel now and I'm erm much older than 15 hehe..
  14. An e/w "small" flap is about $1395 I think. I keep getting confused because when I first looked at it over a year ago it was only $1025, then $1150, then who knows?!?!

  15. same here!! :wtf:

    Like other have stated, soft and chain or cc pochette are good choices. But....other than those, you might not find a chanel that isn't a good amount above 1K.