Help me decide on a dress please


Which dress do you like?

  1. The grey!

  2. The turquoise!

  3. The red/brown!

  4. Get them all!

  5. Forget them all!

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  1. Ok I'm a bit depressed today and I'm deciding which or all of these dresses to get. I love the grey one. I'm planning on wearing it with black tights and my knee boots. The other ones I'm not sure about. They seem more like spring dresses and not fall winter, but they are straight from Nordies fall line. What do you think?
    _5231867.jpg _5267800.jpg _5267899.jpg
  2. I agree with you. The grey one will look fabulous with tights and boots. The other two dresses seem a bit summery.
  3. I like the first and third
  4. uhkiwi, those are the ones I really like too. However, I'm worried about the turquoise one being unusable until the Spring.
  5. Definately the red/brown one! You'll look and feel better with color. Besides, it's a nicer shape.
  6. 100% the grey one :smile:
  7. I like the grey one and the red one, but I don't like the pattern on the third one.
  8. I like the first one and the third one.
  9. The gray one! Especially with the tights and boots.
  10. Ohhh, I like the grey one, and the second dress!
  11. Yes, grey all the way. That will be awesome with tights and boots :biggrin:
  12. the brown one, and you could do that with brown tights and boots as well. The grey one is OK but with the right accessories you can rock that one as well!
  13. I like the first dress
  14. E, The grey dress would look great with black tights & knee boots!
  15. It's that whole late '60s early '70s summer dress in winter trend (think Anna Sui), where you wear summer dresses with opaque tights, boots, long pendants and scarves, or shawls.

    There were lots of flowery, 'summery' prints on the A/W R-T-W runways.

    I think it can look really nice, personally. :yes:

    Edited to add: Personally, I like both the grey and the turquoise dresses best; but I think the brown, or turquoise one would suit your colouring best.