Help me decide on a color! :) >>>>>>

  1. I have hard time deciding which color of twiggy I should get! I am debating between the "Rouille", "Pale Rose", & not yet release "rouge vif" in Fall 2006. Which color is the most versatile??? I have post pictures of the swatches! Thanks a lot![​IMG][​IMG]

  2. oh the rouge vif is gorgeous.
  3. it really depends on your wardrobe imo.
    if you wear alot of blacks, and greys, i personally like the pale rose. it's such a pretty feminine color.
    but the rouge vif or rouille makes a stronger statement. i would find those colors harder to wear with my clothes, but i think both colors are amazing.
  4. That Fall '06 red is pretty luscious.
  5. I think the pale rose is great for spring/summer. If you want more of an all-season bag I'd wait and get a rouge vif.
  6. hey ya
    if you can wait for the Rouge, i'd go with that as my first choice! then, Rouille and then Pale Pink :amuse:
  7. I personally dont think any of them are "versatile" colours for every day use. But my favorite of them is certainly the rouge vif. I'll be getting that in the first for sure.
  8. Rouge vif or ROUILLE :love: Definitely!!!
  9. i'm thinking of getting the new "grenat" color, which looks similiar to my old favorite "bordeaux" (which i missed out on last year) :heart:
  10. grenat or rouge vif
  11. definitely rouge vif if you can wait :yes:
  12. THe rouge vif looks absolutely divine! I just think that is going to be a standout color this fall!
  13. Another vote for the rouge vif!