Help me decide on a color for my new Paddy...

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  1. I went to Nordstrom - they had many, many different styles, so it was a good thing I went! I decided on the "regular" Paddington - it's the best size for me - the others were too big! But...they didn't have any colors I wanted - they had a gold metallic and a light tan color - I forgot the name - but didn't want either.

    Now I'm trying to decide between non-metallic anthracite and chocolate! But I have a question - other than the metallics - are there any colors that have silver hardware?

  2. Hmm...nothing comes to mind right now, but I read in another thread that the new season's paddys are coming with black hardware...? :shrugs:
  3. The mousse from spring came in silver hardware. Fall has a similar grey color too, which the name of the color escapes me.

    Between non-metalllic anthracite and chocolate, I would say chocolate, it's a luscious color. Good luck with your choices!
  4. Non-metallic anthracite. Would love to see a picture.
  5. There is a color at Saks called slate very pretty bluish, greyish color.
    Also a mustard color.
  6. The vert gris colour has silver hardware and it's gorgeous!
  7. the mousse color has the silver hardware...
    Very purrtty!