Help me decide on a color for my City please!


Which color for my new City?

  1. Aquamarine!

  2. Grenat!

  3. Marine!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am about to purchase another City but have been hit by complete indecisiveness about the color! :idea: Usually I know exactly what I want and there is nothing else, but I think I’ve had too long to think about what color to get and now have grown to love each of these colors.

    About me: I am a jeans kind of girl. As for tops I usually end up wearing a lot of darker colors like black and grey. I think 90% of my tops are black or grey.

    The colors...
    Aquamarine: At first I was sure I wanted an Aquamarine. After all turquoise is my favorite color. I’ve owned a Spearmint Marc Jacobs Large Multipocket and loved the color. I am guessing they are sort of similar. I never had any problems with wardrobe clashing. On the con side I am thinking this color might be hard to keep clean since it is light? Also my boyfriend said “you don’t want to wear that color bag every day” which might be true since I did sell my Spearmint Multipocket after all.

    Grenat: Love the color. Looks like it will go great with any outfit and since it is a darker bag I won’t have to worry that much about getting it dirty. On the con side I’ve owned a Bordeaux city which I just sold. I loved the color but sold it because I bought it used and I think I am happier when I buy new and wear the bag in myself. So maybe Grenat will be good because I loved the deep red/burgundy color and can get one brand spanking new. As for leather quality I don't think the Bordeaux will be replaceable beacause it was so soft and thick. A new Grenat may be a dissapointment.

    Marine: I didn’t think much of this color but after looking at other members Marine bags it has grown on me. It looks like it will go great with any outfit and won’t get as dirty as a lighter bag. On the con side I’ve never seen this color in person and really have no idea what it looks like. I’ve just seen pictures of other members Marine bags which seemed to be all taken indoors. I have no idea how this color looks outside but I am sure it is great (like all Bal colors!) Also I’ve never been too much of a fan of navy blue.

    BTW: I will be going with regular hardware.

    You help or opinions will be much appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I would go for Marine. This is a very versatile color, I love it!! I acutally like this bag with the GH. It's a really beautiful bag IRL.
  3. Personally I would go for Marine because I have Marine and I think it is a perfect Navy blue. If you are a jeans girl then it would literally go with everything.

    However, based on everything YOU wrote I would say Grenat!!
  4. Aquamarine, and the Aquamarines that I have seen have been a darker colour. I wouldn't classify it as a light colour! It's darker than Blue India and it's just gorgeous, especially to add some pop to your outfit!

    I wish you well,

  5. This is a real nail biter! All of the votes are even. I think that Marine may clash too much with black and like you said you may not be thrilled w/ grenat. I absolutely vote aquamarine. My suggestion is to get a brighter one like powder had suggested, they vary from dark to bright. Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! Haha right now the poll is tied, just like my decision. Too bad I just can’t get all 3. In a perfect world... sigh.
  7. I voted aqua, but wanted to suggest anthracite
    I think grenat is a little wintery
  8. Hmmm, you can't go wrong with any of these colors! I tend to think, though, that Bal's most interesting colors are the bright ones...and they're well-known for 'em. I think that aqua will pop with your clothing and sass up your outfits. Grenat and Marine are very versatile and classy-looking, but IMO they will blend with your outfits rather than pop.

    I think it totally depends on what you're going for: pop, or blend?
  9. ^Haha, I think I am pop and blend at the same time. I like my bags to stand out but not overly so. But you are right; Balenciaga does bright colors best… well any color but those bright ones are :tender::heart::love::girlsigh::drool:

    I’m also thinking I should get aquamarine while I can now. Pretty soon it may be hard to find and I will regret not getting it while I had the chance.

    Marine & Grenat may be a little easier to find in the future if someday I decide I want one of those colors too.
  10. Well then... I will try to get you some pics of the Marine City outdoors today, because it is sunny here (hooray!!), and quite frankly - I'm bored. ;)

    Now... as far as choosing?? I am NO HELP... because I own two of these colors and want to get the third!! (BTW - great color choices, we must be on the same wave length here...)

    After seeing all of the beautiful pics of grenat - I officially want one of those.. I love my Marine & my Aqua, but they are truely different colors and will serve different purposes...

    Aqua is a gorgeous, one of a kind color - that has a great summery feel to it. However, me being the person that I am - I will wear it year round. :p I personally own a MJ spearmint bag (which coincidentally I'm selling because of getting Aqua), and I can tell you that the colors are VERY similiar... Aqua is a bit bluer then Spearmint though... and a bit more versatile. IMO

    I don't think I could vote out of these three colors... all I can do is provide pics, and wish you luck!! *GET ALL THREE!!* :graucho:
  11. LOL... I just saw that while I was writing my novel you decided on the Aqua. Good choice. Lemme know if you want to still see pics of Marine or if you want to see pics of Aqua vs. MJ Spearmint. ;)
  12. Hi there - in my opinion Aquamarine is too dark to get dirty easily. It is darker than Blue India, which in my experience doesn't show the dirt much either.

    If you love turquoisey colors, get aquamarine. Don't compromise .. get what you LOVE!!!
  13. ^I would definitely love to see pics of your marine and aquamarine vs. spearmint! I still haven't decided yet. I have until tomorrow. If aquamarine is very similar to mj spearmint; I might want to try something new since I had that spearmint bag for awhile. Ahhh this is so hard.

    Hey Diana :idea: Since we have such similar taste in bags I think maybe I should get a Grenat and then we can just borrow each others bags. :p

    I might be able to get a City and a First! Hmmm.
  14. ITA! Get what you love! I have BI and have tried on aqua -- aqua is definitely a deeper shade and won't get dirty easily at all. My BI is still pristine!
  15. Coming right up!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: We could do a long distance bag swap! How fun! Too bad we don't live down the street from each other, so the swapping could commence on a whim - I would take you up on that!!!! Lordy, we think alike too - it's not "Hey! I could save money"... it's, "Hey! I could get another bag!!".. Too funny.

    Lemme go get some pics of the Marine outside & Aqua vs. Spearmint... I will be back. :p