Help me decide on a color for a tano boogie bucket

  1. :confused1: I'm stuck... I was going to order the grey or charcoal as it's called to have a great neutral bag, but I also like the espresso and wine.....Help!
  2. I love the wine color. There is modeling pictures in the other thread "Tano Bags". I also think the grey would look great in the boogie bucket. If you get the grey please post pics!! I just ordered a grey in the vixen van go go and I hope that like it. I have never seen a Tano bag IRL yet.
  3. For neutral I'd say charcoal. Gray goes with everything. I do want a boogie bucket in this color actually since this is also the only one with a black trim! I love my wine and it does go with most colors but there are some odd colors such as blue (don't want to look like a walking flag) that it wouldn't go with.
  4. One thing I like about the Boogie Bucket is the contrasting trim, which would really show up on the charcoal or wine. The espresso not so much. I think I've seen pics of sky's wine bag, and it was gorgeous.

    What colours do you tend to wear?
  5. I think those may be my pictures jcriley is referring to. I was a bit worried about the wine not matching everything because I planned to use it as a sort of everyday bag to carry my books and stuff, but it works surprisingly well with pretty much any color. I would say it's a "neutral-red" if such a thing exists. And it's faded a little since I got it. Anyway, I really love the color and would definitely recommend it.
  6. I just hope that everyone who is ordering Tano bags posts lots of pics!! :p

    I think the wine color would be fine for everyday use, really.
  7. The wine color is TDF!!! HOT HOT HOT color for the fall and I think it goes with black and brown. Make sure you post pics with whatever you decide!!

    Good Luck!
  8. I'd love to see a pic before I can give you my opinion.. but out of pure imagination, I think the charcoal would make a better neutral. Although, you'd have to consider which colours are most predominant in your wardrobe. If you wear more warm colours, then the wine would be perfect.