Help me decide on a Clutch!

  1. After many years of living in the stone ages, I have finally gone electronic, yes I switched from a traditional Daytimer to a Blackberry.

    The problem is, there a few things I would carry in my daytimer, ie pens, bills, coupons, my business cards etc, etc. that I still want to be able to carry.

    So what Im going to do is buy a clutch to carry all this in a nice organized way and carry the clutch in my purse. Problem is, I have never seen the interiors of any of the clutches, just outside pics.

    So based on these needs, which clutch would you guys get from the following:

    Giant Envelope Clutch
    Giant Clutch (the flat one with wrist strap)
    Giant Traveller
    Le Pochette

    Also, if you have pics of the interiors, showing any dividers etc that would be great!
  2. I am wondering this too so will hang around watching who says what.
  3. What about the make up clutch? Maybe too small? I was pondering the same kind of thing the past few days, wanted something that would hold my palm, small cell, buisness card holder, etc and was thinking perhaps the make up clutch as I wanted something rather compact. The traveller is nice and large, and flat. I liked the dividers.
  4. I have one. Its too small and not the right shape for what Im looking for plus everything would just get thrown in all haphazardly. I really want one with dividers of some sort and Im not sure if the Traveller is the only one that has them.
  5. I have a giant envelope clutch. I got it specifically to use when I carry my really big bags. The inside has two divided sections that can hold lots of stuff.

    Here's a quick picture from my camera phone (sorry for the poor quality)

  6. Well, have you thought of something that's a little cheaper since you're going to be carrying it in a bag? Maybe like a Makeup. Or are you going to be using this clutch for other things? I'd just hate to buy something like a GH clutch if no one's going to see it since it will be in your bag. BUT if you are going to use the clutch as a handbag, too, sometimes I'd have to pick the Pouchette!

    I just read your last comment...So I would say the Pouchette or the GH envelope clutch!!! Very pretty! What color are you thinking about?
  7. I would definitely pick something that I could use as an evening bag at times.

    Right now I'm leaning toward the envelope clutch, it looks so hot!! and I absolutely love GH. I am incredibly boring though and will probably get black with SGH (if it comes in this combo), its just so versatile, especially for my wardrobe.
  8. I don't think that is boring at all. I bet it will look AMAZING and you can wear it with so much! I'm more of a classic person as well and want bags that can go with a lot. I can't wait to see what you pick out!

  9. So pretty. Does it have a small interior zip pocket as well?

    Also, if you have a pic of the clutch beside a city or a work that would be awesome!
  10. Have you seen the Gh envelope clutch yet IRL? It's pretty big!!
  11. Here are a couple more of a giant envelope clutch inside. Besides the two divided pockets, there is a pocket under the snap on the inside of the flap that runs the full depth of the bag. It is pretty big, about 8" X 12", and isn't totally flat.

  12. Do you think it would fit inside the work?
  13. I know your asking rollergirl but yes, it will fit in a Work!
  14. Agree. It will fit.:tup: