Help me decide on a Clutch-Wallet! (MBMJ, LAMB)


Nov 22, 2007
Read until the end please!

So, I've been contemplating buying a clutch wallet for some time now. I've scoured the forums and internet stores... I went to see some IRL today at South Coast Plaza. Visited Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Barneys, Saks 5th.


At first I really wanted this MBMJ. However, after seeing it IRL I decided against the MBMJ Turnlock Flap Clutch ($100-171) because I thought the leather was too soft and there wasn't enough structure in the wallet/clutch. It felt almost flimsy.



I liked the LAMB Love clutch ($285) in both yellow and silver, but the logo hardware in the center is too bulky for my taste. There's also a kisslock pouch inside which is somewhat of an awkward shape/feel. On a pro side, It does feel very sturdy and unbreakable.



Lastly, The LAMB Zip clutch ($300) ... was beautiful. The Leather felt rich and supple, its simple and elegant yet rocker & edgy because of the gold logo studs. A subtle but edgy beauty. Its also very functional as it is zip all around.. I have pictures of the inside as well. I could see myself carrying this to dinner, pulling it out of a backpack at school, out of a handbag while shopping. I am pretty much in love with it.



The only thing is the price. Its $300 at Nordstroms. The SA told me it was from the Fall 2007 collection, called the Zip Clutch or the Zip All Around Clutch. I have looked EVERYWHERE online for this specific clutch wallet to see if there were discounts or sales or markdowns, and it seems like this particular clutch is just nonexistant. The Nordstroms in my area received them in a very small amount and will not receive them again just because they are quite expensive for a LAMB wallet. I could get a Gucci wallet for 300 (not that I would want to) ... So for now, I have it on hold...

What should I do.

A) Buy the wallet/clutch for the $300

B) Not buy the wallet/clutch

Responses and honest opinions would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

I'm going to buy or not buy in 24 hours.

thank you in advance for your consideration...


Jun 3, 2007
I think it is great. It sounds like you really like it. Also I noticed that of the 4 clutches you showed 3 are $285 or above. So I say if you love it, it calls to you, you will love holding it, opening it and using it - then it will be worth every penny.


Jun 14, 2007
If you love the wallet, get it. I agree, it will go with a lot of other bags.

I have a LAMB clutch, and the kisslock in the center is just fine. I can hold a ton of stuff in the wallet, and the kisslock holds a good amount of change and my starbucks card without making the wallet heavy. I use a smaller pouch for extra cards.

I have a Coach zip-around and that's my second favorite. I tend to think that wallets are a bigger investment than a purse, since it can be more versatile and can be used on it's own. The zip-around is perfect for this as an evening clutch.


i'm indecisive
Nov 27, 2007
I think you should buy a Hobo wallet/clutch. My best friend has one and she puts it in her purse or carries it by itself. They are in the 100 dollar range. And I LOVE them!! I asked for one for Christmas! They are stylish and versatile~

But if you don't like the Hobos..go for the one you LOVE!! You will regret it if not!


Apr 22, 2007
I think you should buy it! I have the oversized convertible clutch version of the yellow/silver L.A.M.B clutch you looked at only mine is nude. I love it! I also really like the black one though for a wallet/smaller clutch. If it were me I would def. get it:smile:


Nov 22, 2007
Thank you so much for your input! I put it on hold and am going to go pick it up tomorrow at my local Nordstroms. I am so excited I know I will be using this wallet for years to come.

xmelissax, i totally know what you are talking about (oversize clutch) and it is pretty damn sexy.

alisonucla, i would buy a hobo, only i don't think i would LOVE my purchase which in an ideal situation i would. only yea i'm going to be paying x3 times the amount.

thank you everyonee and if anyone has an opinion about this matter feel free to still reply back.