Help me decide on a cles!!!!

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  1. Im getting one but dont know if I want a vernis or I found a store with the white charms cles.Which one do you guys like better?
  2. Which is the white charms cles? I don't think i've ever seen it.
  3. I heard that the charms cles are larger and hold more!
  4. The vernis is super cute but someone here recently commented that it really shows fingerprints.
  5. charms cles has the silk scarm on the front with a little lock on it very cute . oh so its larger that is good to know
  6. ohhhhhhh! I love vernis cles and charms! lol

    May I ask which colour for the vernis? If you plan on putting more stuff in the cles, then go for the charms, otherwise, the vernis is cute too!
    I personally like Framboise and perle (the new red blood), and as for the charms cles, I love the fushia.
  7. I have white charms also and it's bigger than my damier or epi cles!:yahoo:
  8. ok ! charms it is . now which color? white , fushia or tan?
  9. oh i think i know what ur talking about. I prefer the cles in vernis. I like framboise. Even though its smaller, i would go with that. But i agree, if you plan on using it to hold more things then go with the charms. If not then definately the vernis. LOL.:yes:
  10. fushia!
  11. Vernis in pomme d'amour!
  12. I like the charms.
  13. Vernis!!!
  14. oh you guys! im gonna get the charms I :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: the little lock! fushia huh? I was gonna get the white as it looks more classic .
  15. Charms in FUSHIA!!!! lol