HELP me decide on a classic DREAM bag!

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  1. Over the past several years, I've bought and used SO many bags, and am finally in the place that I want to get my holy grail. I've always thought that would be an Hermes Kelly - the most classy bag of all time imho - and I actually had a vintage one for a while to "test" it. However through experimentation, I have learned I most prefer for ease of use and practicality:
    1) double hand-carry handles on either side, preferably that are not fixed to the back, but can flop down
    2) a shoulder strap and/or crossbody option
    3) not a flap with a single handle on the flap (like a Kelly)

    So with this in mind...what do you think are my options? A LV Alma? A Lady Dior? Any other ideas? Or should I just forget about the flap hang-up I have and go for a Kelly? Any help much appreciated!!!

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  2. The Kelly is a "forever" bag. If you are looking for a bag to carry forever, go w/ the Kelly. If you want something you can enjoy now without worrying about if you will like it in 10 years, go w/ the dior.

    I think the dior is a classic. not a fan of the purple LV....
  3. love the Alma!
  4. I think the LV alma is a great forever classy bag. However, personally I don't like the epi line that you have pictured. I would go for an alma in one of the vernis colors. Not a fan of the Dior at all.
  5. Have you considered a Bolide? The only thing that it has that you said you didn't want is that the handles don't fold down, but it does have a shoulder strap and it is a "forever" bag. :smile:
  6. Thanks's so hard to choose! I also love Chanel reissues and that it can convert from shoulder to messenger, and goes equally well casual and dressy. But there's the flap to deal with and can't wear in the crook of the arm. Guess there's never one bag that is going to fill all the dreams!
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    Being a fussy person and also short-tempered, I'd say forget the flap bags if you don't appreciate them. You are spending a lot of money and I'd advise you to go with a bag you like to use so that it won't stay in the closet waiting to get out. I know I couldn't deal with a flap bag that has a fussy closure mechanism.

    Dior is a classic and so is the Alma - have you considered a Loewe Amazona? It's also a very classic style and an icon in its own right, plus the options of color and leather are endless. The 23 cm wide also has a shoulder strap. Amazona is my HG, if a HG can share its place on the podium with another bag (Hérmes Evelyne)...

  8. I DO love the Amazona! Just worry a 23 would be a tad small.
  9. The Lady Dior seems to fit all your requirements and is a nice alternative to Chanel flaps.
  10. Lady Dior!
  11. The Lady Dior is a good choice. Or maybe Chanel GST? No cross body strap but definitely a classic.
  12. Lady Dior!! :heart:
  13. You know, I don't understand how someone else can help you decide on your dream bag. A handbag style is a very personal choice. And your dream is yours, alone. Get what you want.
  14. the Alma.
  15. I just saw this as haven't been checking in much. Have you thought about it some more? Amazon as are great bags and they can be custom made with your favourite colour leather interior etc. the quality of the leather is 2nd to none. I have both reissue and classics, they are great as occasional bags, but they were designed for a different era and don't fit today's essentials in my view. The CHANEL classic look ridiculous scaled up in the very large sizes, sorry if this offends anyone. I love the Kelly but again unless you want to keep it open for pickpockets, I prefer a zip.:cool: