Help Me Decide on a Christmas Gift for My Girlfriend, PLEASE!!

Which one do you sugggest??

  • Vintage Gucci

  • New Burberry

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Dec 11, 2007
I Have narrowed it down to Two choices, and i want to make the purchase tonight. Can all of you ladies help me choose which one to get for my girlfriend. She loves pocketbooks so i figured a designer pocket book was a good gift.
Its down to these Two Options.
Option 1:
Gucci Bag Vintage Jackie O Piston Lock Red Green
This is the one i'm leaning towards because i figure it's something special, that pretty much no one else can buy and something original, while at the same time a classy, designer bag. However, because it is Vintage (pre-owned) i don't know how she will feel about getting a pre-owned bag (in excellent condition). (Note: Seller agreed to sell it to me for $400.00)
Option 2:
Burberry Authentic New +Tags Nova Check Handbag $525.00
This seems like a safe option. It's a nice, authentic (already "approved" by maryg1)bag and i seeing as how it is originally $525.00 i could get it for $400 or less. My girlfriend doesn't have a Burberry bag at the moment, and i know she would like one. However, this handbag is very common and therefore lacks the "specialness" of the first bag.

I'm really torn here, can some of you ladies help me choose. BTW she is 19 years old, if that matters.
Thanks for all of your help, in advance!!
definitely the vintage Gucci...I'm not impressed with Burberry at all. Good luck I hope she loves it!

ps that's really sweet of you! I wish my bf would get me a bag...
def the vintage gucci and i must say i like the black leather more than the prev brown leather :P