help me decide on a bag

  1. I want a Foresta bag. Foresta has so many characters that I love, which bag would be better based on ability to show lots of the print: Stellina or Mamma Mia?

    Is the MM good for a going out bag, easy to get in and out of, etc? If I put my cell in there, can I get it out quickly? The front pockets on the stellina allow me to do that.
  2. I say MM! The net pockets are perfect for you cellie. Plus, they show the print the bestest!
  3. definitely MM. i'm not too fond of styles like stellina, campeggio, and cucciolo because the flaps on the front can cut off the characters and make it look repetitive D: thats just my opinion though.
  4. yeah, i agree...go with the MM, it's the perfect size and it really shows off the print without cutting too many characters off ^^ plus if you really want the bag to be organized, i've heard sticking a "chameleon" in there will help out too =D
  5. Does the mesh on the sides ever break?
  6. well.. just dont be that rough on it and it should be fine.. lol otherwise it should be fine if you maintain it very well. on the Scuola the mesh on the sides arent as tight as I wish them to be - so im expecting them to be the same on an MM and whatever..

    anyway - i think the ones with lesser pockets will show the prints the best.. i think stellinas are nice though but hard to look for a nice placement..
  7. The Mamma Mia's internal cell phone pocket is also very easy to access--it's not super deep like Campeggio.
  8. i like both bag styles so if i had to chose between the two, i would chose the one i thought had the best print placement. :smile: hth.
  9. I love messenger style bags but I gotta say that I'd go with the MM on this one. It'll show off the print better without cutting any off like the stellina pockets would. I don't own a MM style bag but I think it'd be great for what you're looking for!
  10. The MM will show the print better, the mesh pocket on the outsides or the inside pocket are easy to get the phone in and out. I usually throw my keys and cell in the mesh far so good...not broken. Granted I haven't had my bag for a long time but it seems durable.
  11. i would go with the MM because the print won't me as broken up, i like stellinas but on this type of print i think a MM would work better.
  12. depends what you find.
  13. I think the MM is a better style all around.
  14. I am a big fan of both bag styles, and while the stellina will definitely keep you better organized, the mamma mia will definitely show the print better. There is a cell phone pocket on the inside of the mamma mia if you are worried about your cell phone falling out of the mesh pockets, but I've never had anything fall out when I used them.
  15. i have the foresta stellina, and i've only worn it once. it's just a difficult design imo.
    i think a MM would be the best way to go!