Help me decide on a 35 black birkin....

  1. So I have an absolutely lovely 35 togo (non-veined) gh birkin. Recently I've been tempted by the same birkin but in box not togo. While I'd love to have both :smile:, I can't. So do I stick with the togo or trade for the box??
    For those of you who don't know me, I live in the burbs and generally dress very casually. I'll try to post a usual picture of me here so that you get the idea. So this would be sort of an everyday bag and I wouldn't baby it. The togo is obviously very durable. The box will show the scuffs much more easily and will just have to age to a nice patina....but maybe it is too showey for the burbs and too delicate for everyday?
  2. Difficult choice! But I see a gleaming black box birkin with that outfit....more than I do togo. Are you able to handle the "ugly" duckling stage that box goes through if you do trade your black togo for box?
  3. Oh, I wanted to add that all my other birkins are clemence or togo so I'm thinking this might be a nice change. Also the togo does get heavy as we all know, but would box really be that much lighter?
    Also, I do have a beautiful box kelly (black with gold hw).
  4. Not sure...maybe I'd be ok because it would go even better with jeans and boots?
  5. You look awesome Rocker!!! :tup: Just love your style!

    How come ya didn't model inside your awesome closet?! Heh, heh, I'm just always lookin' for another peek inside! :p

    Just my opinion, but while a Box Birkin is stunning, the Togo might be better for more day-to-day use.

    If memory serves...weren't you looking at a box Kelly? What about a box Kelly with canvas strap? That would be very Rockerchic!!

    Best of luck in whatever you decide...
  6. I just ordered a black Box birkin and I have a black Togo birkin too. I'm keeping the Togo as a rain/travel alternative even tho I will then have 3 black birkins.
    Box is the ultimate classic. It sounds as tho with your clemance bags will cover for the rain days. So I say "go for it!" and good luck finding one.
  7. Oh man! What a choice!

    I'd go box, RC, especially with other togo and clemence bags in your collection. I saw a 15 year old black box birkin last week. It had been carried almost constantly, as the owner has 2 bags only: the black box 35 and a barenia 35. That baby was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. The owner has an extremely casual style, and the box birkin fit beautifully.

    Carrying it lots evidently cut the ugly duckling stage down quite a bit.
  8. Oh my RC if it's the one on eBay I've been pondering about it too since last night! I have on order a Black Box 30cm Birkin so I'm debating and also I have a love of swift lately so I don't know what to do either.
  9. Well, in that case...go for the Box Birkin!! :tup: Either way, you'll look *hot*! :p

    What about Ostrich? Got any birdie bags?! Sorry, got birds on the brain... :graucho:
  10. I think you should keep the togo. You still have the black box Kelly, right?
  11. Box is nice to have but the Black Togo is a total workhorse. No matter how many bags I get, I end up carrying my 35 black togo 90% of the time. Personally the scratch aspect of box would have me babying it so much that it would be hard to use often.
    If you just want the bag as an ocassional bag (you do have all those lindy's for day to day use) than go for it, but if you want a bag you'll grab over and over for many years. Black togo.
  12. That's a tough one RC...pondering....yea, I think box would be awesome.
  13. Since your others are togo/clemence, I say trade for the box (and this no longer has ulterior motives....I found my black Birkin - LOL!). I think black box can be so "Rocker" when properly adorned.
  15. I met a very stylish/trendy woman with a 35 black box birkin. She didn't baby the box and it was totally worn. It thought that it looked amazing. I think it made the bag her own style. I do love the togo too, but since you don't have a box birkin I think that would be great for your collection.