Help me decide!!! =o)

  1. Hello Lovely ladies
    I want to pick up a couple of accessories durring PCE to go with the bag im purchasing Handbag what wristlet and scarf do you think would look best with this bag?
    Any and all opinions are much appreciated!!:love:
    Wristlet 1
    Wristlet 2

    Coach scarf 1
    Coach scarf 2
  2. I vote for wristlet 1 because it has the signature but the pink gives it a special punch, and I vote for the legacy stripe scarf because I just think it blends with the bag better.
  3. wristlet 1 and scarf 1. Nice handbag choice!
  4. wristlet 1 and scarf 1 for me too! All the signature prints go together so nicely! :yes:
  5. Ditto both choices for me. I love that punch stripe. And I really would like to see more pics of that zip shoulder when you get it.
  6. I definately agree. Wristlet 1 and scarf 1.
  7. Another vote for wristlet 1/scarf 1.
  8. didnt look at ANY opinions b4 i made the choice!

    wristlet 1!

    scarf 1!

    let us know what you choose!
  9. Definitely wristlet 1 and scarf 1. The signature wristlet will go well with the bag and the Legacy scarf matches the lining of the Legacy bag.
  10. Wrist 1 and scarf 1 for me too!
  11. Wristlet 1 and Scarf 1 -- gorgeous with that bag!

  12. Ditto... 1 & 1 :smile:
  13. id like to scatter from the norm and say 2 and 1....look at that color guys! bright green and spring, WOW!
  14. what did ya choose!?
  15. I decided to go with wristlet one if I can't get the legacy wristlet. I saw it back on the coach site and was so excited. I also decided to go with the legacy scarf. Thank you ladies for all your help!!!