Help me decide! next purchase...

  1. what would you choose between 2 small bags and 1 big bag??

    i'd like to buy the Riveting because i love it and is limited..but i thought at that price i could get both the Speedy Azur and regular Lockit..

    so, what would you do? two permanent and different bags, or one limited bag?

    i can't decide!:sad:
  2. I don't like the Riveting, so my vote for the 2.
    But if you really love the Riveting, get it now - otherwise you'll kick yourself in the *** later... :yes:
  3. maybe get the Riveting first, simply because it's limited. the Speedy and Lockit will always be around
  4. If you like the Riveting, then get it!!! Im not a fan of the riveting bag, so i'd get the speedy and lockit!!
  5. I would get the Riveting first (since it is limited). :yes:

    Lets us know on what you decide. :love:
  6. i agree :yes:
  7. I don't like the riveting so I'd get the two bags. But that's me! If you love the Riveting, you should get it now while you can and get the other bags later on :yes:
  8. I'd get the riveting only because it is limited and you'll kick yourself later! The speedy and lockit will always be around :smile:
  9. I just got the riveting, hadn't really intended to but it happened & I have to tell you- I JUST LOVE IT!!!!
    The others are stocked all the time it seems so you can tell how I'd choose!
  10. I'd get the Speedy Azur and Regular Lockit.
  11. I like lockit very much...
  12. I would get the Riveting first!:yes:
  13. Riveting- since it is limited
  14. I don't like the Riveting so of course I would get the two, but if you love it, well it is limited so buy it.
  15. Definitely pick up the Riveting Bag - it's an LE so if you don't jump on it now you will regret it.