Help me decide - new wallet or Tiffany DBTY necklace

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  1. Hello all! Hoping you can help me choose. I will be visiting Paris soon and plan to buy the St. Germain MM. I would also like a new wallet. I have two Sarah wallets, but they are 8 years old and 4 years old and they are now sort of big for my liking. I would like either the Compact Cruieuse or the French Purse in Amarante Vernis. I also love the Tiffany DBTY necklace in platinum. It's very teeny at only .05 but I just want a hint of shine at my neck. I am not a big jewelry person, but I know I could wear this all the time and not worry about it. It's around the same price as a Vernis French Purse (a little cheaper).

    Should I get the platinum DBTY and forget the wallet for now?

    Get a SILVER DBTY and get the French Purse in Vernis or the Compact Cruieuse? The silver is obviously much cheaper.

    Get BOTH! LOL. I don't want to do this right now but could get one now and one later this year.

    Thanks for your opinions!
  2. I would buy the wallet since jewelry doesn't seem to be your priority. 😃 Have a great trip! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
  3. To me logic would dictate to get the LV wallet while in Paris and purchase the Tiffany necklace at a later time. Have a lovely trip!
  4. Do you like Amarante Vernis or the classic Mono for the French Purse? I'm sort of over Mono but I think it looks very nice in this vintage looking piece.

  5. I agree with this. You could save some money buying LV in Paris. Also, I keep hearing rumors that the compact curieuse might be discontinued soon. I normally would never pick jewelry second but it makes sense in your situation.
  6. I don't care for Vernis SLGs, but this looks nice in both materials since both give it a vintage feel.
  7. I'd get the French purse while in France! lol may be cheesy, but I definitely would ;)
  8. I have the DBTY and I never take it off! (well, except when hot springs discolor it) but then its back on!

    Its classic, and you dont need to think about whether or not you have it on.

    Wallets get changed out so easy, maybe get a cheaper one and get two things?
  9. I have a mini bean which I wear all the time - I sleep in it, shower in it, workout in it. I was looking for an "upgrade" to wear in this way so that's why I thought the platinum DBTY would be a good choice. I want something teeny tiny as I actually find my mini bean too big so I like the .05 size. It is possible for me to get the DBTY in platinum and then a cheaper wallet like the Emilie but I really like the French Purse so I think if I get the DBTY I will just wait and get the wallet later in the year. Hmmm.....not sure what to do!

    Can I ask the stone on the DBTY fixed in place or does it slide back and forth?
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    I completely agree! Like you, I'm not a big jewelry person either though. The jewelry I wear daily is minimal and personal, a TAG diamond dial watch, my wedding ring, an all gold Pandora charm bracelet that's completed, and if I wear a necklace I wear a diamond necklace that once belonged to my Mother or a beautiful pink tourmaline stone set in gold I received as a gift from my husband many years ago. Earrings are diamond studs. If I wear more or different jewelry, I feel like I'm playing " dress up", so I accessorize with bags and shoes!

    I think both wallets are gorgeous choices. I really like Vernis slg's and my zippy coin purse is in Amarante. I don't find fingerprints to be an issue and I love the color. I feel like it goes with all of my bags. I also love my Curieuse and the compact version is beautiful too. I'd get a wallet for sure. Good luck choosing!

  11. its fixed in place :biggrin:
  12. I have the compact curieuse wallet and love it! It's a great size wallet. Could you maybe get this wallet and the Tiffany necklace? The necklace is gorgeous I tried it on in platinum and it was beautiful. Good luck deciding !
  13. Tiffany as an American brand should be cheapest in the states. Lv as a French brand is very awesome to buy in France (I think save about 30%?) so definitely by Lv and wait to get Tiffany later.
    Also dbty is not a unique style from Tiffany.

  14. +1
  15. Yes, I've bought in Paris before and the savings is HUGE! I think you're right - wallet in Paris and DBTY later on...maybe I will drop a hint like an anvil to DH for Mother's Day!
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