help me decide new, twiggy, or first

  1. Hello lovely PFers. I have decided I'm going to splurge on 2 new b-bags, of course the new colors. My philosophy is "buy it first, then decide what to sell later". yeek! Anyways, i currently have 3 blue-ish hobos. The two new colors I'm interested in are the blue-gray, and the gray (greige).

    I am about 5'3'', 100 pounds.

    Since the city is larger, I'm thinking I can get it in the blue-gray so that it appears "smaller" (does that make sense?). somehow if it was in a lighter color, it may look bigger. I'm scared that it will look too big on my frame.

    Now, the gray. twiggy or first? i really like how the city looks, so i'm thinking a first is more similar in shape than the twiggy. the twiggy looks sorta long, barrel-shaped in some pictures.

    Anysuggestions GREATLY appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. I say go for the twiggy. I am about your size and have an origan city and feel the size is great. Not too big at all.

    I think you'll feel like you've got two totally different bags if you get the twiggy, whereas, the first will just seem like a smaller version of your city.
  3. great idea chipoman!

    also, does anyone know what the Part-time style is? is it smaller than the city?

    and how about the box in the grey compared to a twiggy?
  4. I love the city size, have 2 of them and they are exactly the right size for me. I am 5'5" and 117. Runt of the litter.
  5. what about the purse style?
  6. The parttime is supposed to be between the city and the work size wise.
  7. i c, so it's bigger than the city! then that's not for me.

    the PURSE? will that be too big? Also, I don't think i need another shoulder bag in my collection. :graucho:
  8. I think for the blue grey, it will be great in city or part time..
    Twiggy for the grey-beige...
    ooo and I think you need one more... how about brighter color, red or orange?
    Hope this suggestions will help you & keep us posted about your decision....
  9. i think you can carry off the city didi! if the hobo isnt too big for you, the city certainly wont be! the part-time is a bit bigger than the city

    and i think you should go for the greige! spice up the blues! ;) i think its such a pretty neutral, you can really make some cute outfits with it... i'm really liking it, mostly b/c it reminds me of calcaire, but not girly or sweet, just a nice neutral that can go with a ton of things!
  10. The purse is def. a shoulder bag similar to the city but without the depth. There is no gusset so it is flat. Fayden has a picture of one in the photos of you wearing your bbag sticky. Its the pink bag on her dog.
  11. thank you cutiekiara! I think I'll get the city blue grey and the twiggy grey-beige. I can't even afford 2 bags, let alone 3!!!!!!! HAHAHAH
  12. yea, maybe i'll just get the twiggy in the grey-beige first, and then think about the city in blue-grey. i am really poor. =(
  13. Great advice, cutiekiara! I say go for a Twiggy and a City. For the colors, you can't go wrong with Grey Beige and the Blue Grey--they'll look great in either styles. But, I'm leaning towards the Twiggy in Blue Grey and the City in Grey Beige...
  14. twiggy in blue grey and city in grey beige? hmmmmmm. YICKS! Please elaborate?! :blink: And JUST when I thought I made a decision.....!!!
  15. i say get the twiggy in new RED!!!!!~~