Help me decide neverfull or h belt

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  1. Hello I'm trying to decide on my next purchase, I've been mostly buy Hermes these days and I've been going back and fourth on what to get next. A neverfull mm or a h belt? I greatly appreciate your feedback
  2. It all depends on what's in your bag collection?

    I would buy a bag over a belt, if I didn't have a nice bag. However, I do like a nice belt.

  3. I sold most of my bags to buy a birkin a few months ago so currently I have a birkin 35, speedy b30, a Hermes Herbag zip 31 and Hermes Evelyn tpm.
    I keep thinking a bag is kinda getting more for your money, right?
  4. Love my NF!!
  5. SO WRONG!!! I think you will honestly use a belt way more then you would ever think. I'm constantly in shorts/jeans and adding a belt in my opinion, just finished the look!! You already have a bag family... I say belt up!!

  6. Thank you, I'm a total casual girl love my jeans and I don't ever wear a belt cause I don't have one I like and a belt does just really make a outfit pop.
  7. LV have nice belts, especially the ones that are reversible. Good luck
  8. I would say bag just because I'm a bag addict. I think that doesn't really help. lol

  9. +1. I bought one and I LOVE it! Makes casual outfits look more put together. This is one of the best accessories, a little expensive but so worth it as u get 2 belts in one!

  10. I've been transitioning to the orange side the past few years. The neverful has a place in the H world. It's for times when you don't want to worry about doing potential damage to your Hermes. It also is multifunctional. I am buying LV more than I have in the past. The line seems livelier. Also, to me a bag is a more exciting purchase than a belt
  11. +1, H belt kit on my 'to buy' list next week :graucho:

  12. Which one are you looking to purchase? I really like the gold guilochee buckle with gold and black belt.
  13. Same as you! :smile:
    H gold guillochee or grooved in gold/black or black/sapphire bleu.
  14. +2. I was never a belt person -- either wore an old RL belt I got online at Nordstrom years ago or something like J Crew, or didn't wear a belt at all. DH got me a belt for my b-day a few years ago because he wanted to get me something from H that I didn't already have (that is, NOT a bracelet or scarf) and that wasn't as expensive as a bag. I have to admit, not being into belts, I almost exchanged it. But I'm so glad I didn't. It's gold Togo on one side and black box on the other, The gold side is great with jeans and the black side is perfect for more dressy occasions. I don't wear it every day but when I do, I'm so glad I have it! I'd love an Etoupe/Etain combo next!
  15. Bag bag yes still bag haha
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