HELP me decide...never thought I'd be doing this!?

Which style in the teal/turquois color???

  • style# F13372 which is the tote

  • style# F13370 which is the Ali style

  • Wait and see what my outlet get's, then decide!!!

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Aug 21, 2008
I am head over heels in L-O-V-E with a made for factory bag...a few infact. I do own a made for factory bag, and I like it but they have never had one that was a TOTAL MUST have it, love it, gotta get it now type of bag!!!

I own an Ali in whiskey but she is loosing her sealent on the edges so that bag will most likely be going back to Coach, it is the original Ali with the legacy lining (what this matters come's later.)

I have just today dicovered the new made for factory legacy line with the teal/turquois patent bags and I'm in MAJOR drool mode!!! HARDCORE!!!

Here's my question (all price issues aside) which style if I have my choice. I am leaning toward the tote and Ali style pictured below as I'm a BIG bag gal. Which one do you gal's think I should go for??? I already have a teal Lindsay so maybe a need more of a tote in the teal, but then again I know I'd be able to carry either one of these as shoulder bags!!!

Tell me why you voted the way you did!!!

I'm going to start stalking tomorrow and want as much input as I can get!!!

***Keep in mind I maybe out an Ali once mine is sent to Coach for "repair."***



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Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!
Nov 8, 2008
I love the leather of the factory Ali I just got in raspberry. It is soft and luxurious and rich looking. It is also comfortable on the shoulder. The tote is very nice too, but I just personally like the Ali better. Really, they both are great bags and there are pros for both!


Ahhhh...I'm falling!
May 7, 2008
I got the black slimtote (aka factory legacy 'cyclops'). I totally love it and I love the raspberry lining too. I wonder what the lining is like in this tote? I don't own a teal bag but if I did, it would probably be this one because I can't get enough of this slimtote style.

I'm like you on this: I am not crazy about most styles from the factory-made bags. Some styles though are just worth having because the styles are not available at the boutique, they were such winners when they were in the boutique and are no longer available, they are better alternatives than their boutique counterparts, or they're just better than the stuff they're churning out in the boutiques today.
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May 14, 2008
I'd go with the Ali b/c you may be down one Ali in the future. Now that T-girl has called it the legacy cyclops, I just can't look at it the same :P
Either choice you end up making, the color is absolutely gorgeous on these bags and w/ them being in the 50% clearance section at the outlets you really can't go wrong!


Mar 9, 2008
i really like them both so i'm no help there! but i have a question. is the patent leather on these bags any different from the patent on the gigi? is it thinner on the factory bags? it seems to me that the regular factory legacy leather ( raspberry) is thinner than the boutique factory legacy. any help on this would be appreciated. thanks!


Sep 15, 2007
You know, I was looking at this too! Actually I already own the turquoise Gigi, and I was looking for a matching wallet, but these bags also attract my attention. In all honesty, I did not care for the outlet Legacy in terms of the leather, so I could not bring myself to buy one, even though I liked the raspberry color. I just think they fell flat...JMO. However, in pics I'm really loving these patent versions too, lovecoachmore! Normally I would say the slim tote because the Ali is just a tad small for me, lol, but at least from pics I really like the Ali in this color combo for some reason. This might change in person, so I guess my vote would be to call around and see if you can find it at your outlet and then judge in person. That's what I decided to do! Good luck on your decision!