Help me decide - need to pick by tomorrow!

  1. I was all set to get my first Chanel and decided on medium caviar black flap. I went into Saks to take a look in person before buying. I tried on the black caviar PST and it is so cute also! I can't decide and want to buy before price increase and for EGC!!

    I'm really torn - the PST seems a bit more functional and of course the price is a LOT less; on the other hand after the price increase - the flap is going to be over $2000 and I'm not sure I'm willing to EVER pay that much for a purse and it is so classic, I know it will never go out of style.

    My boyfriend says get neither and make a down payment on a new car - which I am in dire need of. This looming price increase is really pushing me to get a bag, though.

    HELP!! Your opinions please!
  2. I think both the PST and the flap are classic looking bags, but I'd get the flap.
  3. My vote goes to flap! not a fan of PST... Goodluck deciding!
  4. They are both gorgeous bags!- sorry no help here;)
  5. The flap all the is sooo classic!:heart:
  6. Flap by all means!:yes:
  7. I'm not a fan of the PST. The flap is such a classic!!
  8. Here's another vote for the flap.
  9. Flap, flap flap! (Sounds like a bird, huh? :p)
  10. How much will the PST be after the price increase? And would you get both at some point?
  11. I'm a flap convert, so my vote goes for that bag. I bought the GST, and I couldn't make it work for me.

  12. I'd recommend going with the classic... flap bag. However, if you are in dire need of a new car, then it might be more prudent to use the hand bag money towards the purchase of a new car.
  13. I'm not sure how much the PST is going up. I'm thinking that I MIGHT get both at some point, just can't buy both right now. I love the flap, but I just wish it held more! I feel like the PST would hold a bit more. I don't want one of the large bags b/c I'm a bit short and I feel like the BIG bags look funny on me. AHHH! Seems like most think I should get the flap.

    I MAY only get one Chanel, as I'm usually rather frugal. Which is why buying the bag is so stressful for me!! I don't make a ton of money, but recently got a $1200 bonus at work, so I'm justifying here :smile:
  14. I'd beat you if you were my girlfriend :o.
  15. Just kidding. But seriously, get something you're in dire need of.