Help me decide, need suggestions please. :)

  1. I have a credit at Balenciaga for a Grenat First that I returned. I keep looking at all of you girls camel pictures and they look so pretty. Should I go for the camel, forget my search for a camel with silver hardware, or keep searching and hold the credit for a spring color? :shrugs: I know if I want the Camel with silver it is going to have to be Ebay and everytime I find one it is a fake. I have one fake camel that I paid 900. for I don't want to take a chance on another on Ebay unless it is bag listed from a member of this forum. What do you girls think?:shrugs: Get the '06 Camel or wait?
  2. Hmmm I think you should hold for a Spring colour and if you do chance upon a Camel with silver hardware on ebay, post it on the authenticate sticky. I'm sure our lovely ladies would be able to help you out... Good luck!
  3. I also would wait for spring and see if you can find the camel you want elsewhere. Easyer to say than to do. I really dream of a 05 rouge city but don't dare to go the ebayroad.
    So get a camel 06, spring is far away and if you don't like it anymore you can still sell...

    Sorry contradicting myself but that's how I try to reason personally.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAH. :roflmfao: I like the way you reason. LOL.
  5. Personally, I would find it too difficult to have someone else have my money for that long and not have a bag. If you buy a camel bag now, you could always sell it if you find something you prefer. You may take a bit of a loss, but you are also losing the interest on the money at BalNY.