Help me decide -navy patent reissue or luxe flap?


which one should I keep?

  1. Navy Patent

  2. Metallic Black luxe flap

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  1. Girls, I need your help...I have to decide between the navy patent reissue (227) and the metallic black luxe flap...I love them both... but I have to pick one... help me! does the 227 look too big on me and is it too dressy as a everyday bag?

    Thanks a lot!!!
    IMG_1083.jpg IMG_1084.jpg
  2. i was gonna vote for the luxe flap until i saw your modeling pic, the reissue looks great on you! i don't think it looks too big on you. for me, it would be too dressy as an everyday bag, but as long as you love it you can rock it as an everyday bag
  3. The reissue is gorgeous but I love the luxe line so I voted for the luxe flap. Both are really different so I would pick whichever suits your style better. The luxe flap is more casual and fun whereas the reissue is more dressy and sophisticated.
  4. Thanks, takeoutbox. :smile:

    Do you think luxe flap will be more versatile than the navy one? dress up and down...Here is the picture of luxe flap...
  5. The luxe flap is more versatile imo.
  6. yes, it can be dressed up and down. i quite like the bag, that's why i initially said i had clicked reply w/ the intention of voting for the luxe flap until i saw your pix, the reissue do look great on you.
  7. I love the navy patent ...
  8. DITTO! it is on my want list *drools* :p
  9. wow this is a tough one! the navy patent is so gorgeous and it definitely will add pop to any outfit. the luxe flap is a little more toned down. i vote for the patent though...

    it does not look too big for you at all!
  10. i definitely prefer the navy patent! that bag makes my jaw-drop every time i see it, it is SO stunning and it looks amazing on you! That, and i think the reissue is a more classic style than the luxe flap, although i really like both (i just like the reissue more lol)
  11. I vote for the blue patent too. It's gorgeous!
  12. Vote for reissue :biggrin: def more classic btu the flap is gorgeous as a casual chic bag!
  13. Navy patent reissue
  14. i vote for the luxe flap :smile:
  15. tough decision! i think i'm going to vote for the luxe flap.