Help me Decide. Navy, Black, Tan or White?

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Which color is best for me?

  1. Black

  2. Navy

  3. Tan

  4. White

  5. None of the above

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am planning to order the pleated satchel tomorrow and I need to make my decision quickly. I have narrowed it down to Navy, Black or maybe Tan or White.

    Help! :sos:

    Black, I love the black and I think it looks soooo classy and probably has the most staying power but I don't wear a lot of black and I just got that black Ali from ebay.

    Navy, I live in jeans so I thought the Navy would be nice (and it's so pretty) but I have 3 patent bags already and feel it may be overkill.

    Tan, is a great neutral and I only have one bag that is a tan color (Natural Ergo Tote) Downside. Patent.. already have 3 patent bags and I haven't seen a real pic of it yet.

    White, I have a love obsession with White bags and I have a White Ali... problem is I rarely use the white Ali for fear of color transfer or getting it dirty.

    Thank you :flowers:
  2. I vote for the Navy!
  3. I vote for Navy! is a very nice color. :tup:
  4. Navy - that is the nicest patent leather bag I've ever seen!
  5. I voted navy! Sounds like it would fit in great with your style.
  6. I voted navy!
  7. Thanks for your opinions so far ladies. Keep 'em coming!

    Are y'all (texas coming out) sure that having 4 patent bags isn't overkill... I'm gonna be the chick that ALWAYS has a patent bag.. lol!!

    I have the black ergo hobo, red ergo hobo, and pond ergo hobo.
  8. Someone voted Tan and ran off. :amuse:
  9. I would vote navy, but did you check the stock for the white? I think it's sold out in either the patent or leather (not sure which one). Or maybe I'm was one of those things where I heard something was sold out, but it didn't quite register completely. You might want to check!
  10. I voted tan.

    I like the navy, it's very pretty but just not for me.

    I really like the white too but like you said with the color transfer.

    I really think the black is classy too.

    I'm no help LOL.
  11. I voted for navy because it's such a pretty color!
  12. I guess that I'm the only one that voted for Black so far. I chose black b/c it's a colour that you can wear year round. I agree with what you said about the Navy, Tan & white. You already have 3 patent bags, do you really need a 4th one? highly unlikely. With the white, it will most likely get dirty and since you rarely use your Ali, is it really worth you getting another white bag? and are you going to be using the white during the winter?
  13. What about the burnt orange? It looks like a neutral color, it's not patent, and it's different from your others.
  14. I voted for the navy, but I would also vote for the tan if there was an option to do 2... I like 'em both... just whatever you think would work best for you... sounds like a navy or tan would fit into your wardrobe... Good Luck deciding!
  15. I think you should get the Navy. :true::okay: