Help me decide my new bag

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  1. For everyday use I have either the Galleria PM or the Popincourt Haute and why - I posted this about a week ago but still on the fence I eliminated the Neverfull Thanks and Happy Valentines Day
  2. speedy 30 mono or damier.........:heart:
    tivoli pm or gm:cloud9:
    palermo pm or gm:love:

  3. galliera!!!! It is such a comfy bag. I LOVE mine
  4. Galliera!! Comfy and chic!
  5. Galliera PM....GREAT everyday bag for comfort, style, practicality, and everything else. This has got to be the best bag I have ever bought for comfort and practicality. Plus it looks so good on:yes:
  6. galleria its so much comfortable to wear and its has alot of room for all your goodies
  7. Galleria! So comfy!
  8. Galliera, definitely! It's an awesome bag.
  9. Galliera
  10. Galliera!
  11. Galliera
  12. Galliera or Palermo
  13. :biggrin::biggrin:

  14. Get the Galliera! It is beautiful and very comfortable on the shoulder.