Help me decide my last bag of 2017


Mar 25, 2017
Hello Everyone!

I am looking for a medium sized back that is durable for everyday. I recently bought a small Le boy bag and teal WOC and now I'm looking for something more bit suitable for running errands.

My requirements are dark colored bag because on my errand/school days I tend to wear all black. Or at least a bag not prone to color transfer. I usually carry my keys, lip balm, wallet and a small notebook or kindle. I do live in a city, so it should be commuter friendly. Ideally, I like to spend somewhere between 1K-1.5K for the bag.

Some of the choices I have been thinking about is

LV pochette Metis, Fendi 2JOUR in small, PS1 in blue.

Thank you for your opinions!


Mar 5, 2008
I think LV Pochette Metis will meet all your requirements and looks chic too.


À Paname
Jun 17, 2011
I bought Fendi 2jour, small one and I use it so much, easily my most used bag, fits more than it looks, no screaming logo, one thing to consider is it has small clasp but doesnt fully close shut, never bothered me but it might bother you.
I also considered Metis recently but Im turned off by issues people have and I know empreinte will get slouchy and i wouldnt like that, monogram is not my cup of tea... just my opiniong though, i love the look of it!
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May 1, 2015
My vote goes to pochette metis if you don't think monogram is too loud.

PS1 is a great choice too, functional, versatile, and more low profile, plus with all these semi annual sales you can get it with a really good price (50% off). I love Fendi but I feel 2jour is a bit too structured for running errands, how about by the way?