help me decide my first mk bag

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help me decide my new mk

  1. mk selma python embossed in sand size large

  2. mk cynthia monogram vanilla in medium

  3. mk dressy medium in fuschia

  4. mk hamilton monogram vanilla

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  1. Hi ladies.would you help me decide which one should I buy:
    1. Mk python embossed selma in sand large size
    2. Mk cynthia monogram vanilla medium size
    3. Mk dressy medium in fuschia
    4. Mk hamilton monogram vanilla medium size
    I plan to buy next week but cant please help me decide
  2. My choice would be mk monogram grayson, since that's not listed I'd go with hamilton.
  3. Vote for the medium Cynthia. The Cynthia is very beautiful in the Vanilla color with ghw.
  4. Heres the picture of the python selma. For visualization. I will try to post pictures of the other bags in the poll

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  5. I would either go with #2 or #3 perfect for spring/summer
  6. Heres the dressy fuschia

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  7. Cynthia in vanilla

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  8. Hamilton vanilla

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  9. Either the dressy in fuchsia or the Python Selma (PS: I am getting the same Selma in denim)
  10. My Vote if for the dressy! I am looking into getting that bag myself!
  11. No. 2 or No.3 for me OR perhaps you can buy both?

    Sorry I'm no help :P
  12. I don't like the Selma in that pattern at all for me, and while I do like that hamilton I prefer the Cynthia in that pattern. I also love the dressy in fuchsia. So I would vote #2 or #3 :smile:
  13. Hamilton...nice and classic!
  14. I voted for the dressy... I LOVE that style and that color...
  15. Dressy Fuchsia :P color "pop" and well organize bag ~ take it take it