Help me decide my first dior.

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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 19, 2016
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg bonjour to all the lovely people,I am currently visiting paris and the place if uhhh magnificent.So i have decided to buy my very first dior bag here,before coming here i was keen on buying the lady dior in lambskin but having it held in my hand i just dint like how umm how should i put this not so structured as in i just felt like squishig it all the time.Dont get me wrong,its a very beautiful bag,it makes my heart sing when i look at it but carrying it dint give me any pleasure or that luxe feeling.
    So After that i saw the diorama large size in microc cannage and wow mind blown,the only concern i have is its my first dior and i think i am gonna be on a ban for an year after this purchase.I am looking for a bag which i can use for years as i will obviously baby it,something sturdy.Moreover I am just 21,so can go for any i guess.Trying to attach some images.Thankyou guys,any input is much appreciated :smile:
  2. I would go either the champagne gold diorama or the silver ombré diorama. I do no like the ombré on the LD.
  3. I dont know i feel like i am loosing itsuch tough decisions.So you think i should chop LD outta my list,even the lambskin classic and just concentrate on the dioramas?
  4. Oh no. I was going by the pictures you posted. If it were me I would do a LD hands down for sure. But if you have no love for the LD it doesn't make sense to spend all that money on it.
  5. Its not i like i dont like LD,i do love it but i just dont like how the bag is so delicate so so delicate.I have a prada saffiano,a dolce and gabana sicily and both of them are so well structured,I know they gonna last long and gonna hold there shape well with time but when i held the LD in lambskin i just din get the same feeling you know.And idkif buying a diorama would be a wise choice as i dont want just an IT bag,but these are beautiful no doubt.I am so so confused.Please guys help.
  6. I would go for LD it's a classic. Are you wanting it for everyday or special occasions?
  7. Another vote for the LD! I love how structured and classic it is, and you are lucky to have found it in such a unique pattern! I may be biased because I am not really a fan of the Diorama. Although that champagne ombre is absolutely stunning. Maybe if you were to get a shoulder strap for the LD, it would be more versatile?
  8. only on special occasions i guess,whatever it will be i will guard it with my life
  9. They have the LD in alot of micro canage colors here in Paris.But i think if LD is what i end up buying shouldnt I chose the classic cannage,or not?Gosh am i being too much pf a trouble sorry guys
  10. Only on special occasions
  11. For the sake of full disclosure, I am planning on purchasing a LD in the classic cannage in light gray in a few months. If given the option between the LD you found here and a classic one, I would pick the classic, because that's what my personal taste trends toward. My purchase will also be my first Dior, so I wanted to start with a classic, and then if I decide I love the brand and want to expand my collection, I would consider more seasonal/flashy pieces. However, based on what you have shown us here, I would still pick the LD! (Although that champagne ombre diorama would be very, very hard to walk away from.)
  12. I prefer the diorama. But if it's for special occasions only, then the lady dior is what i would pick instead.
  13. I'd go for the Lady Dior, if it is a classic style that you want which will be in style for years to come.
  15. Thankyou all of you for your so needed input.I think if all of you vote for the LD then i would definitely go tomorrow and try it in lambskin and patent aswell and give it another chance.